Daily Archives: June 14, 2013


Man Of Steel – Superman at 75 Adds to Mythology

Dan Didio and Jim Lee, co-publishers at DC Entertainment discuss the history and evolution of the Superman character as the latest film in the series “Man of Steel” opens nationwide today. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Social Media And Digital Video: The Impact On The Web – Infographic

Social Media and Digital Video are both having a significant impact on web usage today. Have a look at this Infographic and learn some numbers and facts. Continue reading

Marketing And Content: The Costliest And Most Profitable – Infographic

Content Crossroads is presenting the a visual almanac for the discerning B2B marketer. Information you needed to know regarding the costliest content, easiest content and most profitable content. Continue reading

New York City Impressions – View From Manhattan Bridge

New York City Impressions | View From Manhattan Bridge | Picture taken with iPhone 4S and edited with BeFunky and Instagram Filters. For more NYC photos visit Instagram. Re-tweets and shares appreciated.

Make The Most Of Your Facebook Business Page: A Checklist – Infographic

This Infographic gives you some tips for handling your Facebook business page. Follow the checklist and make the most of your Facebook page. These 10 simple tasks will help you to maximize the impact of your page. Continue reading

Children And Teenagers: Growing Up With Social Media – Infographic

This Infographic explores the use of social media amongst the younger generations, and how it impacts their social lives during the most crucial stages of life. Continue reading

Personalities Of Brand Advocates (Some…) – Infographic

To celebrate the launch of social Brand Advocates, AddThis has posted a new infographic that highlight how brand advocates for certain verticals behave online. Continue reading