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Algorithmic Finance: Decoding Wall Street – Infographic


Penguin, Panda, Google, algorithms. Usually, when the word algorithm comes into play, most people think about Google, search and keywords.

Algorithms are also used in the world of Wall Street and its money makers. In the past 10 years algorithmic trading has become a huge factor in trading and investing.

This infographic explains the industry of algorithmic finance, offering insight into how it works, the prevalence, and different kinds of algorithms used for investment.

Source: QuantConnect

Application Programming Interface: The API – Infographic


“API’s are how we are going to build software in the future, we are just going to glue it together”.  –  John Musser, founder of ProgrammableWeb

Seems everyone is talking about API’s and a lot of people still don’t know what it is and what it does.

Here is an infographic that gives you a basic and general look and some idea on why it is important.

Source: SmartFile


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Social Media Marketing Tips

Contribute: If you can’t contribute something of value to the community, no one will listen. It’s that simple.

Be an expert: Why would anyone take advice from someone that doesn’t know anything? If you need to learn more, then do so, but make sure that you can offer valuable advice to fans and followers.


Social Networks Small/Mid-Sized Businesses Use To Reach Customers – Infographic

Brandify looked at over 20,000 Small and Mid-sized businesses websites to determine what social networks they link to. Have a look: Continue reading

Improve Your Facebook Page Status Updates – Infographic

Your status update is the starting point for your success on Facebook. You may have great apps built and great content to share but if you can’t get your message across in a compelling status update then you won’t reach your users like you want or deserve. So how do you get your fans to actually Like, interact and share your posts? Continue reading