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Retail: The Future Of Digtal Marketing Is Bright – Inofgraphic

The future of digital marketing is bright. The global retail brand’s consumer has evolved with the advent of new technology and channels, and these channels demand a new type of marketer. With more marketing metrics and tactics than ever before, modern marketers must look at the current trends to prepare their strategies for the future. Continue reading

Marketing: Your Competitive Advantage Is Now Average – Infographic

What set you apart yesterday is now a requirement today. To stand out, you must go beyond the traditional marketing methods. Everyone has a Facebook, so you must too. But what else can you do to set your company apart? Look here for answers. Continue reading

Managing Social Media In An Hour A Day – Infographic

social-media-cocktail_51c36b6176661Social media cocktail is our own recipe for managing a social media presence in the most efficient manner. If you are not doing social media for a job there is very little reason to be spending more than 60 minutes on it daily.

Social media is very important and obviously shouldn’t be ignored but if you’re running a small business, you already have lots on your plate. There is no reason to freak out. All it takes is a bit of technology and some common sense.

Source: Visual.ly