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Steve Jobs Movie Trailer Starring Ashton Kutcher: First Glimpse

Five Star Feature Films has released the trailer for “Jobs,” its new movie about the life and work of Apple founder Steve Jobs, starring actor Ashton Kutcher.


Burj Khalifa With Google Street View

Towering at 163 stories and more than 2,717 feet above ground, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest manmade creation. Now, thanks to Street View, you can take in the views from the tower’s 124th-floor observation deck or the world’s highest swimming pool on the 76th floor, and go on a tour of the very top floor.


New York City Impressions – Colorful Manhattan Bridge

Content Marketing: Growth For Your Business – Infographic

grow-your-business-using-content-marketing_51c8252bba1d4Content marketing has grown into one of the most important marketing tools available. Other than “data mining”, which might give you a hint on the prospects needs, content marketing done right can give you the right inside knowledge you need to turn your marketing efforts into dollars.

This content marketing infographic illustrates how we think about growing a business online presence. Continue reading

Building Your Personal Brand In 9 Minutes A Day – Infographic

It takes only 9 minutes a day to build your brand and advance your career so you can stand out and increase your success and happiness. Continue reading


Airline forgets toilet paper on 10-hour flight http://t.co/uiwlQ842cG — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) June 24, 2013


Post-financial crisis, investment banks are looking for employees with softer skills, like client empathy: http://t.co/8lfqFmp59z — Financial Times (@FT) June 24, 2013

Marketing: Big Data And Personalization – Infographic


The promise of big data: Companies can better know their customers and act on that information through personalization and segmentation. And marketers realize the importance of analytics for delivering relevant online experiences. Continue reading

Mobile Marketing: How To Make It More Personalized – Infographic

Customers now expect content to be more personalized and relevant than ever, and marketing technology has risen to meet the challenge. But how many brands are currently leveraging the available technology, especially in the mobile space? Continue reading