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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Faces Shareholders for First Time

Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman previews today’s first shareholder meeting for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and looks at the moves she’s made in her first year at the helm. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


Silicon Valley’s Ghost Town: Welcome to Alviso, California

Logo 75 9127018198_c6d1b32c80_sBloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance visits Alviso, California, a forgotten town at the edges of Palo Alto and Mountainview that’s a destination for Silicon Valley engineers looking for good Mexican food.

Content Style: Your Blog Could Be Beer – Infographic

Imagine for a second that your blog fit into a pint glass. What would it “taste” like? Would it have serious content, podcasts, and long form posts? Or would it be just for fun? The truth is, there are all sorts of blogs out there, just as there are plenty of varieties of beer… Continue reading

Be Careful With What You Post: How Burglars Are Using Social Media – Infographic

Social Media is helping individuals and businesses to do things much easier. Shopping, information, everything that concerns daily life is at our fingertips. Unfortunately, there is also a flip side to it. Criminals take advantage of the medium just as much as everyone else does. Continue reading


"Millionaire Matchmaker" looks FANTASTIC at 52 http://t.co/tp3o1VN5IZ — Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) June 25, 2013 The recession ended 4 years ago, but for many job seekers, it hasn't felt like much of a recovery. http://t.co/4xamJWUN6Y — Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) June … Continue reading

Mobile Marketing: Volume, Quality, Cost – Infographic

With over 1 billion smartphones in use globally, enterprises and start-ups understand the need to reach consumers on the go with their message. However, when evaluating mobile advertising networks, performance marketers often struggle to find the elusive “Golden Triangle”: the optimal balance of volume, quality, and cost from their campaigns. Continue reading


12 Google Chrome Extensions for Content Discovery http://t.co/jjCDrWVPcJ — Mashable (@mashable) June 25, 2013


New York City Impressions – Chinatown

Pinterest Best Practices: How Brands (And You) Can Get Noticed – Infographic

With the more than 48 million users Pinterest has become a great referral site for marketers and e-commerce businesses. How brands can use Pinterest to get noticed online here we’ve an infographic that define some best practices that you should know. Continue reading

B2B Content Marketing In 2013 – Infographic

Content marketing slowly makes its way up on the importance scale in B2B marketing. While those that invest time and resources already experience good results, others are still struggling with understanding the importance. Continue reading