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Why BuzzFeed’s Traffic Doubled in Six Months

BuzzFeed’s Peter Lauria discusses the site’s success with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Travel Industry Marketing: SEO Tips For Hotels

Here are 6 valuable SEO tips for hotels which can be used for other operations as well. Have a look…

6-seo-tips-for-hotels_51bed44fcaafbSource: HappyMarketer



Can You Beat A Goldfish? – Why Video Is So Important In Capturing Attention

The internet is a crowded space and it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold a user’s attention. Our attention spans for online content are getting shorter too. A recent study has found that videos are 100% more powerful in capturing a user’s attention.

Overview: Website Linking – Infographic

Website linking is the glue that connects the Internet to itself through thousands and millions of connections. Whether it is conventional HTML links, social media linking, back-linking or video and image linking, each connection takes people to more and more information everyday, making up 9.2 trillion links on the web today.

This infographic explains the various findings related to Website Links. Continue reading


Windows 8.1 Preview provides a window into the future of Windows

We take a quick look at some of the more high-level changes coming with Windows 8.1.


Quick And Painless: Vine vs. Instagram

Check out the differences between Vine and Instagram like Videos Length, filters, Image Stabilization, Cover Frame…

vine-vs-instagram_51cbf363cde1eSource: HappyMarketer



"If you wear things you adore, you just look better." — Margherita Missoni — HuffPostStyle (@HuffPostStyle) June 27, 2013


One of the first official “supermodels,” @ NaomiCampbell is No. 23 on the countdown for #Swim50: http://t.co/7zQn497oo3 — SI Swimsuit (@SI_Swimsuit) June 27, 2013


Intel’s Futurist: Inside Tech’s Crystal Ball – Technology In 2033

Want to know what the tech world will look like in 2033? Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson may have the answers. – The Street –

Social Media: What Businesses In The Americas Are Planning – Infographic

The use of social media, online content, corporate blogs, mobile advertising, and other digital marketing tactics carries a significant impact in acquiring, attracting and retaining customers regardless of what industry you’re in.

This infographic gives some info on what businesses in the Americas are planning on doing in social media. Continue reading

Why Businesses Use Social Media – Infographic

Remember when social media was just a fun way to communicate with friends? The good times are still rolling on Twitter, Facebook and the multitude of other services, but businesses like HCCMIS are joining the party too. From one-man-shows to international corporations, businesses are quickly realizing the power of interacting directly with consumers. Continue reading