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iWatch: What Apple Will Bring To Your Wrist

Apple, the world’s most valuable technology company, is seeking a trademark for “iWatch” in Japan as rival Samsung readies its own wearable computing device. Bloomberg’s Tom Giles reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

10 Apps To Stay On Top Of Your Finances – Infographic




Interesting infographic for those that want to keep track of their finances and stay informed.

Source: Willis Consulting

Customer Retention And Loyalty – How To Complicate An Easy Business Rule – Infographic

the-value-of-customer-retention_51d0de866cc28How to do better in customer retention and customer loyalty is always an interesting topic. After looking at the infographic and who contributed information to it, I am wondering why there are so many big players still not participating in “predictive analytics”.

I remember, before predictive analytics was invented, it was called “take care of your customers, and they will take care of you”.

Over the past decades this easy rule of business has been overlooked and the biggest rewards were, and still are, paid to new customers, which created the revolving door effect. New customer walks in the front door, existing customer walks out the back door. And then the experts were wondering why market share is not improving with so many new customers.

Have a look at this infographic and join me in wondering why an easy business rule can be so complicated and needs research by multiple big shots in order to become credible.

Source: Text: The Main Street Analyst, Infographic IBM

Spain overpowered by Brazil – what now for Barça?


Neymar Iniesta Paulinho 2013Having eight Barça players starting in the final of the Confederations Cup was a definite cause for Culé pride. However, the majority were representing Spain, and after Brazil’s comprehensive 3-0 victory last night there was the same uncomfortable sensation of impotence that was experienced after Barça’s Champions League exit to Bayern Munich.

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Google Going After Gaming Consoles

Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reports that Google is looking to capitalize on its mobile strength to push a gaming console to challenge Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft for control of your living room. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


The Great American Shrinking Household

In today’s “Single Best Chart,” Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu displays the declining numbers in the average American household over a 20 year period. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Enterprise Computing: Why Windows 8 Is The Future – Infographic


Windows 8 enters the scene with a host of features that make it the right choice for enterprise computing.

This infographic outlines 7 reasons why IT managers should consider switching to Windows 8 for enterprise computing.

Source: Visual.ly

HR: Overworked And Overstressed Talent = Hiring Mess

HDI and Robert Half Technology present a study that delves into the reasons why it’s so hard to attract and retain good technical support staff. Continue reading


Vine vs. Instagram: The Video Battle – Infographic

vine-vs-instagram-the-video-battle-begins_51ccc5fb0b49aNow let’s compare, because we all know, with the 15 apps you are participating with daily, there is no way there is room for TWO video apps on your phone.

Better Facebook Business Page: 20 Tips – Infographic

List of 20 Tips for your Facebook Business Page. Get to know the basic principles for running a successful Business Presence on Facebook. Continue reading