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Social Media Marketing: The Power Of Sharing – Infographic



Sharing information, offers and marketing related stuff is huge. Social media made it possible to circulate your material all over the world and to all audiences. Shared materials increased 900% over the past five years.

This infographic shows a summary of some cool stats on sharing from the latest KPCB Internet trends:

Source: ThinkingJuice

B2B Marketing: Business Buyers Are People Too – Infographic

business-buyers-are-people-too--b2b-ecommerce-statistics_51d1a6bdb42f8For a long time B2B marketers believed it is not of advantage to spend time and money in social media marketing. This is another wonderful infographic to show why B2B marketers must do social media marketing.

In the e-commerce world, the lines between B2C and B2B are blurring as retailers and brands begin serving multiple audiences online. Melissa is part of the B2B audience. She embodies the new enterprise purchaser. View our infographic to learn the facts about B2B, and how buyers like Melissa want to shop.

Source: ShopVisible

Marketing: More Facts Why You Need To Blog – Infographic



Blogging is a must!

If it needs more reasons why you or your company should have a blog, here are some interesting facts about why everyone individual, business, and organization should have a blog and be actively using it!

Source: BWHGeek

London Escort Agencies: The Right Dress For The Right Occasion

KingUvdaStreet Urban Clothing

This article looks at the informal dress code that exists amongst London’s finest escorts and explains why it is important to dress correctly for the right occasion.

Why Escorts?
For many people working in the city, it simply is not practical to meet someone for a serious relationship. People who work long hours, who travel extensively, or who simply aren’t looking for the commitment of a relationship can struggle to meet other people who want a more casual arrangement. It is all too easy to string along another individual without meaning too, especially if that other person is seeking something more in-depth or involved than just casual or occasional dating. So as an alternative, London escorts can offer an excellent service.

Different Escorts For Different Occasions
When you book services from London escorts, you will find plenty of diversity and variety available. Do some research to assess which escort agency…

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Instagram: Top 3 Annoying Instagram Habits


There are lots of does and dont’s when it comes to Instagram, most of us have done some of the dont’s (I know I have!), here are the three Instagram habits that bug me the most:

– #Hashtagging #Every #Word

You probably seen this on Instagram and might have wondered if it is a good idea? It’s not. The point of adding a hashtag is to make your picture searchable and easy to find for people looking for that particular topic.

Turning every word into an hashtag is pointless – have you ever searched for #is #and #a ? No? Nobody else either… Instagram allows 50 tags per picture (which I think is plenty), make sure to add tags that people actually search for and don’t “waste” tags on these words no one searches for.

– Hashtag “cheating”
I guess this is a “crime” most of us are quilty of…

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series in Azores Highlights

On “Hot Shots” Bloomberg’s Mark Crumpton reports on today’s most compelling images. (Source: Bloomberg)


Steve Wozniak Predicts Car Tech

The Apple Co-founder discusses the future of automotive technology, data-related privacy concerns in cars and how the Apple model can help.

Online Video Performance: Maximizing Audience Engagement – Infographic



Video content is getting bigger and bigger on the net, and so is consumption. However, just posting a video of low quality does not cut it. If your video content has flaws, it will likely harm your return rather than help.

Have a look at this infographic about “Maximizing Audience Engagement”: How Online Video Performance Impacts Viewer Behavior

Source: Akamai


Infographic to help explain social media via Dogs – this turned into a charity campaign raising money for Cats and Dogs. – Source: Avalaunch

Improve Your Site Ranking With Organic SEO – Infographic



Organic SEO services and search engine optimizations are keys to increasing your website visibility.

Have a look at this infographic to see what basic organic SEO is about.

Source: SEOOutsourcingIndia


America’s Cup: Going High-Speed on the High Seas With Oracle

Oracle Team USA Helmsman James Spithill and America’s Cup Event Authority CEO discuss Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s “America’s Cup” vision on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart. (Source: Bloomberg)

What To Know About Heels – Infographic

For many women it’s all about the shoe love! Most of them know everything about the fashion of shoes. For those that don’t, and men, here is the ultimate guide to heels, their names and descriptions. Continue reading

15 Tools Successful Entrepreneurs Use – Infographic

The modern entrepreneur or small business owner has a vast number of online services at their disposal. Some of our most successful experts at Expert Circle have hand-picked a few of their favorite services to get the job done. Continue reading

Social Media: One Day’s Activity – Infographic



Every day, 40 percent of the world’s 7 billion people go online to search, create, learn and engage in social networking. This infographic provides a snapshot of daily social media activity by platform, measured against each platform’s total user base. 24 hours. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds. Billions of likes and links, tweets and tumbls, vines and videos, pics and pins and pluses. Every day is Social Media Day.

Source: Saxum

If Social Media Platforms Would Be Real People – Infographic

What would the different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Reddit, be like as real people? Continue reading