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Video: New York City Impression – Downtown NYC Skyline

New York City Skyline – If you ever make it to NYC and you are looking for a place to calm down from the vacation stresses of the day, visit Brooklyn Bridge Park and have a look at the NYC skyline. Breathtaking. This is a must see and impression for life. No video or image can substitute that. Enjoy the short video anyway. ūüôā

Brands And Businesses: Create A Positive Social Media Experience – Infographic

brand-experience-the-social-media-way_51d146bcd5dc6Social media is everywhere and since there is no escaping, brands have started to leverage it for an increasing market presence. Without a doubt a positive online brand experience creates loyal customers.

Several studies have found that the majority of customers engaged in the social media space ‚Äď whether by participating in a contest or by liking a ‚Äėbrand‚Äô on Facebook ‚Äď tend to not only purchase the products, but also make recommendations to their friends and families.

Evolve to promote your brand experience in the social way. Check the infographic for more…

Source: ESalesData

Job Hunting: 10 Social Media Tips – Infographic



For the job hunters.

Recruiters more and more often screen social media profiles! With 25% of sales, marketing and media professionals looking for work, our social media top tips can boost your job search and help you stand out in a competitive market for the right reasons! So be social media savvy and follow our 10 tips.

Source: Reed

Top Brands That Run The World Of Fashion – Infographic

top-fashion-brands-in-the-worlds-2013_51d3cf9aef9f1The fashion industry is one of the most important industries in the business world. Not only is the industry responsible for huge revenues and a fair share of major economies, but its brands have a major influence on people and their shopping behavior.

Take a look at this infographic and see which brands are running the world of fashion.

Source: Excel Clothing

Facebook: Facts, Numbers and Power – Infographic



Facebook has power. Check out how much!

Facebook is always impressive when it comes to statistics. Here is a new infographic with some numbers and facts as of May 2013. Have a look, it is, as always, biiiiiiig.

Source: YouTheDesigner