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Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta’ Samsung Agreement Flips Music Biz On Its Head

How Jay-Z’s agreement with Samsung to release his new album, Magna Carta, early to the Korean company’s Galaxy devices has reshaped the traditional business model for artists and record labels.

The Anatomy Of New York City – Infographic




Did you know there are 900,000 buildings in New York City? Or that there are 24,000 trees in Central Park alone? This infographic shows what else you will see on a helicopter tour of New York City.

Source: Manhattan Helicopter

Small Business And Social Media: Facts, Numbers, Tips

Tips for small businesses to expand their social media interaction over the summer. Continue reading


Apple, Time Warner Cable Talks – Apple Hires Former YSL CEO For Special Projects

Apple and Time Warner Cable are reportedly in talks. Separately, Apple hires former YSL CEO to work on special projects.


Samsung Confronts Saturated Smartphone Market

Howard Lindzon, CEO and Co-Founder of Stocktwits, discusses the size of both Samsung and Apple, and the ability to move beyond the Smartphone. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Public Understanding Of Google Search And SEO – Infographic


Many people have little or no previous knowledge about SEO, search engines and search technology other than their own personal experience of using Google to find information online.

This infographic displays what people know about organic rankings and search rankings in general and how they deal with it. Have a look.

Source: SEOTrainingLondon

The History Of Social Media – Infographic




Social Media did not start with Facebook or Twitter. Actually, it has been around for decades! Discover the major landmarks in its history with this infographic

Source: Creative Ramblings