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New York City Impressions – Manhattan Bridge And 8th Spruce Street

Blender 5df5cb1ce49c11e2be7722000a1cbc97_7New York City Impressions | Manhattan Bridge And 8th Spruce Street

The pictures were taken with an iPhone 4S and edited with several filters and a blender. To see more of our photos visit Instagram.

Facebook Advertising: Which Ads Perform Best – Infographic



Facebook Ad Performance

Have you ever wondered which ad types perform best based on CTR, CPC, and CPM – or what are some target benchmarks for each type of ad? This graphic outlines 11 different types of ads and their performance baselines.

Source: LinchPinSEO


#Apple whipsawed by dueling supply chain reports http://t.co/zWzfJjdP5W — Fortune Magazine (@FortuneMagazine) July 9, 2013


Do The Bankers Need New Clothes?

Banks continue to depend too heavily on borrowed money even after Lehman’s collapse, says Anat Admati, author of The Bankers’ New Clothes. – The Street –


The limitations of "Like" — Facebook's Graph Search stays in the shallows http://t.co/9BQCIIjLzL — CNET (@CNET) July 9, 2013

Got Humor? Google’s Revenue In The Wrong Hands – Infographic

how-a-supervillain-would-spend-googles-revenue_51dabaeaf1b87Google has long-held the motto “don’t be evil,” but what if their 50.2 billion dollars in revenue made it into the wrong hands?

There’s almost no limit to what could be done. In this hand-drawn, comic book-style infographic, Customer Magnetism explores what could happen if a super villain got a hold of Google’s 2012 revenue. From buying a secret submarine lair in Norway, to a crew of robot butlers serving up diamond martinis, to Facebook, and even equipping hammer-head sharks with laser fins, all of the items and their prices are based on reality (though the labor costs involved in getting lasers on the sharks might raise the price quite a bit). Continue reading

Mobile Video: Vine Or Instagram, Who Has It? – Infographic

With Instagram’s video capability going online this summer, the fight for mobile video domination found a new player. With YouTube being the dominant player, there are now Twitter’s Vine and Instagram trying to get ahead in the lucrative and fast growing video market. Continue reading

Social Media And Sales – Infographic

selling-social_51dadba5e60e086% of marketers say social media is important for their business. It’s the ultimate word of mouth. 76% of marketers have integrated social media into their traditional marketing activities, making sure their presence is known. The leading social media sites for companies are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

The reasons why companies use these social media sites may be surprising, however. 89% of marketers say they use social networking sites to increase exposure, while only 43% admit to using social media to improve sales. The investment in social media pays off, however, as 62% of companies that spend over 40 hours a week utilizing social media say they can see a difference in their customer base.

Source: TopWebDesignSchools