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Advertising: How They Try To Get You – Infographic



This infographic gives you facts about how much advertisers would spend just to get your attention.

Advertising is a science in itself. Companies and marketing firms invest money and resources to figure out how “to get you” to buy their stuff. Check out this link to some interesting advertising facts

Source: LaserTekServices

Baby Boomers: Getting Older Used To Be More Comfortable – Infographic

baby-boomers-are-getting-older--who-cares_51e7881fd07b6Getting older is inevitable. Few people are comfortable thinking about aging and losing independence. Senior Care communities that strive to support staying healthy and independent are faced with growing numbers of elderly people, incomes down, health conditions up, and a wealth of new technologies hitting the market. How are communities supposed to navigate what is needed to meet the expectations of the current aging population?

This infographic shows some interesting facts and numbers about demographics that have a major influence on our society, the health care system and how we want to represent ourselves as a country. Have a good look at this infographic. If you want to get political with it, go ahead.

Source: Independa