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The Mindblowing Fact About Facebook

July 24 (Bloomberg) — Just how many people use Facebook each Month? Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman takes you inside the numbers behind Facebook’s loyal users and breaks down their move to mobile and the boost the social media site received from the Instagram acquisition.


Apple Entering ‘Year of Innovation’ in 2014

Topeka Capital Markets’ Brian White discusses what lies ahead for Apple and previews the company’s earnings with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Videos Increase Your Brand Awareness – Infographic



Video is a fantastic opportunity to produce content that informs, engages, and converts. Nearly 40% of companies are using video as part of their content strategy. See how video can help increase your brand awareness. Continue reading

Increasing Revenue With Social Media: Statistics And Facts – Infographic



Social media is one of those things that businesses of all sizes know that they need to do, but they are not really sure how to do it, where they can find the time to do it, or if they are willing to pay someone else to do it.

We hope to help you see that you don’t need a lot of time or know-how to effectively use social media to increase revenue for your business.

Source: eMerge

Smartphone Users: 12 Mind Blowing Facts – Infographic




The future of mobile is the future of everything, one would think! Here are 12 reasons why you should think of a mobile phone as a possibility to grow your business and reach more customers.

Source: TextMagic

The Perfect Tweet: Tips And Tricks – Inofgraphic


140 characters on Twitter doesn’t look like much at first. With experience and a few skills you can get a lot out of it.

This infographic shows some essential tips & tricks for an effective tweet.

Have a look and see what it can do for you. Continue reading

Soccer Is Life: Why Jose Mourinho Is Successful – Infographic

Soccer Is Life Logo 8923384499_0bce02ae7a_oHave you ever wondered what makes Jose Mourinho one of the most successful football managers that ever lived? Take a look at this infographic that delves into his management tactics, and see what you can learn from the master. Continue reading

Como usar Twitter correctamente

El consultor en redes sociales Juan C. Pedreira nos ofrece unas recomendaciones para usar Twitter correctamente. –Metro.pr



8 Reasons To Smile Today

8-reasons-to-smile_51e91d869b5e1A smile is good for you! Here you will find eight reasons, why you should definitely smile more often!  –SmileSaintLouis

How Confident Consumers Felt About 2013 In 2012 – Infographic



This infographic shows how confident consumers were in 2012 about 2013. Interesting to see what people thought in 2012 and were we stand after half of 2013 is over.

In an effort to understand what is affecting consumer confidence in 2012, we asked members of our online communities how they feel about the coming year, and what factors contribute to their feeling confident about spending money and making purchases.

Source: Visual.ly