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Digital Photography: Smartphones Eating Digital Cameras Lunch – Infographic

the-rise-of-smartphones-over-digital-cameras_51eec9a13c924Smartphones and tablets are now almost in every household, and they are often even replacing traditional desktops or, even more surprisingly, digital camera. This trend will only continue to grow and cause a bigger dent in the market that companies like Olympus or Cannon had.

So if you’re interested to see just how much damage the smartphone companies caused in term of profits for camera makers, here is an nice infographic that puts things into perspective.

Source: BestChoiceReviews

Customer Satisfaction: Decrease Waiting Time And Increase Profits – Infographic

why-we-wont-wait_51eecbf48a82dWhen you count your revenues and profits and you wonder how you could do more, have a look at your customer service lines and see how you can shorten them. Customer satisfaction issues cost US businesses $83billion a year.

Have a look at this infographic with some valuable facts and tips on how to improve customer satisfaction, and your revenue with some quick and easy steps. An entire guide to improve customer service is available here.

Source: Lavi Industries


Sexy Lingerie Battles For Market – Adore Me Takes On Victoria’s Secret

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me CEO, is facing off against bra and panty juggernaut Victoria’s Secret with a cheap, membership-based option.

Advertising: Get The Basics Or Refresh Your Memory – Infographic

advertising-101_51eed0f143779Advertising possibilities are growing. It is becoming more and more important to find the right strategy, words and ways to do it.

This infographic can serve as a bridge when you sit over your next campaign and look for ways and styles to do so.

Have a look and refresh your memory.

Source: Collaborative Lead

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Business: The 7 Fastest Growing Industries – Infographic



The economy is, thankfully, recovering, and entrepreneurs have played a large role in helping it along. One of the most interesting parts of this recovery, however, is the emergence of new industry types. Businesses have found all new niches to fill, and seven industries in particular have shown substantial growth in 2013. Check out the infographic below to find out which industries made the list!

Source: MyCorporation.com

Fashion: The History Of Famous Designers – Infographic



Hubert de Givenchy founded his design house in Paris in 1952. This design house created contemporary and ladylike styles that were inspired by both haute couture and avant-garde elements. Take a look at this Washington, D.C. designer clothing infographic to learn more about the history of Givenchy and many other designers.

Source: RIZIK’s

Showrooming: Retailers Nightmare – Infographic

MobileLife_InfographicWhile the majority of retailers have set up their online shops, and enjoy the returns, there is a problem they desperately try to get solved in their brick-and-mortar stores: “Showrooming”!

60% of people in US stores are showrooming. Not only that, more than half of them are using their mobile phone to compare prices, speak with their personal consultants (friends, family) and eventually are at risk of buying somewhere else.

The new trend is not a US problem alone, showrooming is a global problem for retailers, and as potential customers become younger, the number of people doing it increases. Have a look at this infographic and see why retailers everywhere are trying to solve this issue. Continue reading