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Facebook Video Ads Are Game Changer. Really?

Rob Jewell, CEO and Founder of Spruce Media, discusses television type ads on Facebook and whether that may destroy the user experience. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Intel’s Incredible Facebook Management – Infographic

PrintDid you know Intel (at the time of writing) has the most “People Talking About This” out of the top 50 brands on Facebook?

For a brand that targets professionals and not teenagers, such as Coca Cola, that is astounding. It shows that Intel has found the keys to marketing it to its target market on Facebook. In this infographic we’ll go over the strategies Intel has employed to reach its incredible level of engagement, and how you can too.

Source: Wishpond

Twitter 2013 Sizes And Dimensions Cheat Sheet – Infographic



Looking to improve the visible impression of your Twitter profile? Here is some much needed help with sizes and dimensions for the various images.

Twitter 2013 Sizes And Dimensions Cheat Sheet.

Source: Online Circle

Your Kickstarter Project Needs A Video – Infographic

video-increases-kickstarter-project-success-by-85_51f9e8c250bd5The fact that video became one of the dominant tools for presentations in the business world is nothing really new. It is interesting to see that video also seems to be a must have if you consider to run a Kickstarter project. According to this research, if you don’t have a video going hand in hand with your project, your chances of funding seem to be slim.

Have a look at this infographic with some number and facts:

Source: MWP Digital Media