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Social Commerce: Your Brand On Facebook – Infographic



Millions of users world-wide have “bought in” to Facebook, and countless businesses are profiting handsomely. Leaving you wondering . . .

How could your page be more likable? Here’s a few tips to make your FB fans “sold” on your brand:

Source: Ambassador

How PPC Campaigns Can Help Your Business – Infographic


Google still generates 96% of its revenue through advertising. PPC is one of their best “weapons” to help generate revenue.

PPC campaigns are also a pretty good marketing tool for businesses to generate value. Have a look at this infographic and see what a good campaign can do for you.

Source: Visual.ly

10 Smart Things To Do With Your Smartphone – Infographic




There are plenty of things you can do with your smart phone. Here are 10 of the smartest!

Source: UnlockThatPhone