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Hashtag Etiquette: What And What Not To Do – Infographic

hashtag-etiquette_51f996e35bf4fHashtags provide a way to get your message across amid the deluge of posts on social media platforms per day. This is particularly important as on average, there are 2.5 billion posts on Facebook, 400 million tweets and 45 million posts on Instagram every single day.

However, if done wrong, hashtagging is not that effective and can do more harm than help you getting your message across.

Source: Gremln.com

Social Advertising: Turning Old Fashioned Advertising Upside Down – Infographic


Social advertising is a market that didn’t exist a decade ago. With the emergence of several big shots in the social media marketplace a new industry was born. Social media platforms such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others have created powerful social advertising platforms. By 2017, social advertising is projected to create $11 billion in advertising revenue from $6.1 billion today.

Have a look at this infographic and see how this industry and its biggest players have developed over the past decade.

Source: Unified Social

Mobile Business: The Mobile Industry Is Evolving, Fast – Infographic



Don’t need mobile? You are nuts!

This original infographic by SlickText.com highlights some impressive statistics surrounding the world of mobile marketing and why your business should consider a mobile strategy.

Source: SlickText.com