Creating The Perfect Trade Show Exhibit – Infographic

infographic_wireframe_exhibitco_july2013Hosting a trade show exhibit for your business has numerous advantages. From marketing, social engagement, and branding, building an exhibit can sustain existing customers as well as develop new and loyal ones. Trade shows provide important face-face interaction. It’s no wonder roughly 70% of trade show attendees end up buying one or more products after visiting a booth.

However, if you are attending a trade show you will want to set-up an exhibit that is both appealing to passerby and properly displays your business products. Mapping out how you will create your perfect exhibit as well as what you plan to accomplish at your next trade show will help you and employees maximize your marketing strategies. You may want to have your team select at least three goals, assigning a percentage of importance to each. This will help you learn which products and services should be most visible on the floor.

After setting certain goals, map out your budget. This will help you decide whether your company should buy or rent a trade show booth, and what kind of swag and other promotional materials you can offer. Be sure to consider how much space you’ll realistically need in order to properly exhibit your product, too. Maximizing certain presentation aspects of your booth could make a huge difference in drawing attention to your exhibit. Music, an elevated presentation area, and simple bold, clear graphics for displays will ensure crowds notice your booth first.

Finally, once you’ve drawn in a crowd, you’ll want to offer some sort of incentive for customers to remember your brand. Offering memorable and useful gifts or hosting a raffle is a great way to do so. Remember, trade shows are the number one B2B marketing tool; don’t pass up on the potential success your company could profit from.

Source: Exhibit Company

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