Daily Archives: August 7, 2013

Mobile Search: What We Look For On Our Phones – Infographic



Mobile search is growing every day.

This infographic highlights some wild statistics about how much we use our mobile devices to search the web.

Source: SlickText.com

Google: Welcome To Your Life. We Know All About It – Infographic



In the name of advertising, everything is collected!

Find out some of the information that Google has on you, and discover some of the ways it puts it to use.

Source: WorldWideLearn


Advertising: This Shark Is the World’s Most Vicious Marketer

Sharks don’t just make a splash in the ocean. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week just entered its 26th year, making it the longest running programming event on cable TV, and hooking big ad dollars for Discovery Communications. Bloomberg’s Rachel Crane takes a look at one of the most profitable fish in the sea. (Source: Bloomberg)

Do Phones Kill The Conversation? – Infographic


Mobile phones may keep us readily connected to others, but is there a price to pay? Is texting harming conversation? This infographic lists the pros and cons of modern communication.

Source: liGo