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How To Make Movies With Google Glass

University of Southern California Professor of Cinematic Arts Norman Hollyn discusses making movies with Google Glass with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Business Is Relationship Building – Even In The Social Media World – Infographic

embrance-online-culture_520491d80e2d1Business is relationship building. If 100 potential customers enter your brick-and-mortar store, look around for fitting products, but you don’t interact with them, your sales will be modest.

This is not different in the social media business world. If 100 people enter your Facebook page, like and comment and you don’t interact, what do you expect to happen?

Have a look at this infographic from J6Design



Social Platforms: What Brands Are Getting For Their Efforts

social-platforms-deep-dive_52047a506f1a7Brands and businesses are busy finding out what their return on social media is. According to this report from L2ThinkThank it doesn’t look so great and even some scaling back from certain platforms is predicted.

This is a very interesting report about brands’ social media efforts and their returns. The results should not be ignored. However, it is questionable that these brands are using social media platforms the way they should. A look at the activity of major brands in social media (including brands that participated in this study) reveals rather modest activities and usage of the assets created. This is especially true on Facebook, where brands’ highest investment and focus are Facebook ads. A tool that for the most part helps Facebook to create revenue, but is about as effective as a newspaper ad was 20 years ago, if at all. Continue reading