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On Page SEO For Content – Infographic

the-seo-puzzle-on-page-seo-for-content-infographic_520201047145dIt is true that content (good content) is King when it comes to marketing practices. However, if you don’t market your content right on your website and blog, it can’t be found.

This infographic is a helpful guide through the SEO puzzle and on what to look for when you attempt to make your website searchable and “findable”.

Source: VayuMedia

B2B Marketing: Budget Allocation For 2013 And Beyond – Infographic

b2b-2013-and-beyond_5202b1458a395Marketing budgets were and are the most important budgets for businesses. Even with the rumors that the economy might experience a hick-up, B2B marketers are looking to increase their budgets.

Content marketing and further expansion into social media is on top of the list for B2B marketers.

Have a look at the infographic and see what B2B marketers are up to

Source: Ambassador


Marketing Super Charged – How Red Bull Turns Daredevils Into $6.2B

Energy drink company Red Bull has been making a name for itself in recent years with an innovative and eclectic marketing strategy that goes far beyond traditional advertising methods. They’ve taken the world championship 3 years in a row with their Formula 1 racing team, thrown a daredevil into space from 24 miles up, and pumped out thousands of high-adrenaline videos on their popular YouTube channel. Take a look at some surprising facts and amazing stunt footage from the company whose logo seems to be associated with just about every “extreme” pursuit today. (Source: Bloomberg)