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New York City Photos And Impressions: Downtown Skyline From Brooklyn Bridge Park


#NewYorkCityPhotos #NewYorkCityImpressions – View from Brooklyn Bridge Park on the “Downtown Skyline” – See more NYC Photos and Impressions here

Personal Finance: 10 Reasons Why You Should Have Long Term Care Insurance – Infographic



When people hear they should buy insurance, they usually turn around and walk away.

Buying stuff, especially insurance, is a horror for most people. What these people might miss down the road is shown by this infographic. Have a look and make sure you are covered.

Source: Acsia

Languages On The Web – Infographic



This infographic gives you an oversight of the languages on the web.  Who is online and what languages do they speak.

The graphic also shows how the web currently accommodates to these different language users.

Interesting info. Have a look!

Source: anecsys