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NFL: The Business of Fantasy Football

San Diego State University’s Scott Minto explains who’s cashing in on the $1 billion business that fantasy football has become.


Apple vs. Samsung: A Battle Bigger Than Your Phone

The tech rivalry between Apple and Samsung is expected to take dramatic turns in September – a key month for product launches. As Samsung plans its smartwatch launch, Apple’s market share is at stake. Bloomberg’s Tom Gibson reports. (Source: Bloomberg)


Marketing And Advertising: Who Is King Of The Social Media Kingdom?


Source: Ciceron

Promising Customer Service Excellence? Read This – Infographic

if-you-dont-take-care-of-your-customers-someone-else-will_522550c8aa9d7Just using the good old phrase “Excellence In Customer Service” as many like to do, doesn’t cut it anymore these days. If you are not serious with your “excellent” customer service intentions, the phrase will backfire on you.

Today’s customers, with help of social media, are quick in giving bad recommendations for insufficient service.

Have a look at this infographic and learn of some statistics and facts that will help you to do better. All you need to do is follow through.

Source: SlickText



Marketing And Advertising: How We Got To Where We Are – Infographic



In today’s fast paced business and marketing world everybody is looking at mobile, online and social media marketing. Some marketers don’t even know or haven’t worked other marketing practices.

Have a look at this infographic and find out how online and mobile marketers got to where they are today. Travel back to the 1600s with this fact-packed history of business marketing.

Source: AnchorWave

Design Trends Of E-Commerce Websites – Infographic



This is an interesting infographic about design trends of e-commerce websites.

Have a look if you consider creating a new site or plan on updating an existing site.

Source: Invesp