Klout To Measure Influence. Really? – Infographic


Klout is a popular tool these days. However, the value of the scores is debatable and the ways people use to increase their score further heat the debate. One is under the impression Klout measures everything, but influence.

The infographic below is presented by KloutScoreBook.com that provides valuable information on how to increase the Klout score and boost up sales. A closer look reveals on how Klout’s influence measurement can be (and is) misused just to increase the score. Klout a marketing and sales tool?

Source: KloutScoreBook

2 responses to “Klout To Measure Influence. Really? – Infographic

  1. As you know I am a supporter of Klout because even though they are dealing with many challenges, their concept is great. However it’s also no more than a tool, and that is all it is. Like with tools there is a wrong and right way to use it. Tools themselves are neutral. Klout can be an attention grabber thus the high score, but where the influence really lies is the kind of content you are sharing, how often you are engaging and interacting. If you are doing it all correctly and building up your score the right way, then yes it matters.

    • Hello Miriam. Thanks for your comment! I agree that Klout is an attention grabber for many. I don’t agree that content is important. If I post a cat picture and find enough people with a high Klout score to like it, my score goes up. If I limit my engagement and interacting to the people with the high scores, my score goes up. On the other hand, if I have a huge number of people with a low score that like my content (no mater what it is) and I engage with them, nothing happens to my score. It might rather go down. That is what I have seen. I have not seen anything that would support your statement, Miriam. I also don’t think the concept (the way how they go about it) is good, it is the idea that is good. I understand it is not easy to measure influence and I believe that Klout has a long , long way to go to get even close to accurate influence measures. For the moment attention grabber is a good one, but other than that I would go with those that state it is not more than that.

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