Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

Social Media And Destination Marketing – Infographic

LeadSift_Infographic_Destination-WebSocial Media is a big influencer for the tourism industry. 52% of social media users are getting inspiration for their travel from social media platforms. the inspiration is not only important for destinations, but for everyone involved in travel, hotels, car rentals, entertainment and more.

This is a huge opportunity for all travel related industries to create relationships with travelers, not just for one trip, but for many to come.

Infographic Source: LeadShift

Social Media Is A Revenue Creater – Infographic

Infographic---Social-Research-and-RevenueVery slowly the fact that social media can create revenue sets in with marketing and social media pros. While most brands and businesses still trying to figure out how to use data of what people did yesterday, others have grabbed the bull by its horns and have adapted a more aggressive and direct way to offer products and services for their followers and friends to use tomorrow.

This infographic shows how research has established that social media is creating revenue. One of the most remarkable number in this graphic is that 90% of all purchases is based on social influence. Have a look at this infographic.

Infographic Source: SocialAnnex