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Twitter IPO: Breaking Down the New S-1 Filing

Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman annd Cory Johnson take a look at Twitter’s S-1 IPO filing. They speak with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


The Sexy Alfa At The Center Of Chrysler’s Fight



Sports Marketing: Why Not To Sign With Jay Z


Personal Marketing: How LinkedIn Can Help You – Infographic



An infographic that aims to dispense with all the jargon and explain what LinkedIn is good for and why job seekers should use it.

Source: TheMolehill

Brand Marketing: Why You Need Video – Infographic

why-your-brand-needs-video_524be68a4e77fThat video becomes more and more important for brands to use in their marketing efforts is an old hat by now. Since there are always a few that take a little longer to pick up on the important things, here is a little reminder why it is important to incorporate video.

This infographic is provided by Getty Images and shows some interesting statistics and other info

Source: Getty Images

Inbound Marketing: The Steps To Better Lead Generation – Infographic



Lead generation from your website has always been the spawn of nightmare. Come to think about it, what’s lead generation anyway? To put it simple, it’s generating interest. It used to be called buzz. It was kind of like a first cousin twice removed of advertising. Nowadays in the online realm it’s similar to a very distant uncle of inbound marketing.

Source: Squirrly


LinkedIn In Australia – Infographic




This is an interesting infographic about LinkedIn Australia. The site has experienced strong growth over the past year and becomes more and more popular with Australians. Have a look

Source: SolomoIT