Negative SEO: How Not To Do It – Infographic



Everyone that has a website would love to see the number of visitors and ranking of the site increasing. A lot of people go great length for traffic and ranking. Sometimes the approaches are not very useful, or flat out dangerous for the promoted site.

This infographic shows a few ways of negative SEO that will harm your site and have a none desired effect and will turn your site in a zombie. Have a look.

Source: rankpop

One response to “Negative SEO: How Not To Do It – Infographic

  1. Or – like this guy did. Negative SEO can just be someone else destroying your site in 10 minutes with a cheap spam tool. Link spam negative SEO is something Google really should do something about. They have made it profitable to create spam when pointed at your competitors sites. No-one should profit from spam. Google SHOULD just get better at identifying it and ignoring it so that no-one benefits from creating it. Instead…

    Before and after figures. What amazes me is that it was just so simple. I doubt it took more than ten minutes of effort to achieve. Google should be held accountable for devising a system whereby spam can be a benefit. I know many of the people in my niche – we get on well – but now I know one of them is prepared to do this. Not nice at all.

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