How Facebook Can Get You Fired – Infographic

fired-for-facebook_52670117e4bd3We’ve all heard the horror stories about employees lashing out on social media about their jobs. This infographic shows how social media can carry heavy consequences for both employers and employees.

7 in 10 adults use social media, and the average person spends 15.5 hours per month on Facebook alone. This gives ample chances for employees and employers to create some large social media blunders-especially when 1 in 4 don’t manage their privacy settings.

Some states have created laws to protect employees and employers, but the laws in each state differ. While the First Amendment protects you from legal consequences, it won’t protect you from having to pay the piper after a rant on Facebook.

The infographic details eight different employees, and how their social media accounts got them fired, like a TSA baggage screener at the Chicago O’Hare airport who got fired after posting repeated homophobic, racist rants. Your social media persona may be more important than ever, as 75% of recruiters are looking at your online history as a factor in your hiring. 70% of recruiters have passed over a candidate due to their online investigation. These recruiters are looking at factors such as if the person conducts themselves professional manner, and if they are a good fit for the company.

Source: Online Paralegal Programs

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