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Make The Most Of Your Facebook Business Page: A Checklist – Infographic

This Infographic gives you some tips for handling your Facebook business page. Follow the checklist and make the most of your Facebook page. These 10 simple tasks will help you to maximize the impact of your page. Continue reading

Facebook Is Big – Numbers – Infographic

Facebook is the biggest social media marketing platform for businesses. So, what makes Facebook tick? Let’s look at some of the 2013 Facebook statistics that make this site the Big Boss of social media. Continue reading

Facebook Influence: Friend Recommendations And Purchasing – Infographic

How do friend recommendations affect Facebook purchasing? Here is an interesting break down. Continue reading

Facebook Fans: What’s the Value to a Business?

On today’s “Off The Charts,” Bloomberg’s chief markets correspondent Scarlet Fu examines the monetary impact of a Facebook Fan to businesses. She reports on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Understanding Facebook EdgeRank – Infographic

A fun infographic using Batman to explain how stories are filtered and ranked in Facebook’s filtering algorithm for the News feed. Continue reading

Facebook Home is A Nightmare

Facebook’s new “Home” application for some Android models leaves a lot to be desired. TheStreet’s Gary Krakow explains.

Facebook’s Privacy Policy Change – Infographic

Our lives are on display, and we only have ourselves to blame…and Facebook. Just like any typical love affair, our relationship with Facebook went through the honeymoon period, but has since grown stale. Now, Facebook has taken on the role of a needy lover, always asking how we’re feeling, what we like, who we’re with, and why we don’t share as much with them anymore. But what’s worse, is that Facebook’s been sharing this information with the public. Continue reading

Facebook Home Is a Net Win: BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg

BuzzFeed President Jon Steinberg discusses teenagers and social networking on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

New Facebook Phone: What’s the HTC First Like?

Jon Erlichman takes a look at the HTC First, the first Facebook phone on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Why People Take Breaks From Facebook – Infographic

Why people take breaks from Facebook. 61% of people have taken at least a 2-week break from Facebook and 20% no longer use it at all. This infographic shows the reasons why people choose to take a Facebook Vacation. Continue reading

Facebook: The Ultimate History – Infographic

Read through the ultimate history of Facebook in a decade of glorious and gritty detail, from its infamous and controversial beginnings to its awe-inspiring growth in present day culture. Continue reading


Unlike General Motors, many automotive brands have been supportive of marketing via Facebook, and it shows. New statistics from social benchmarking platform Unmetric show that Audi and Mercedes-Benz USA have been two of the most effective automotive companies on Facebook, … Continue reading

The Facebook Like Button: Facts And Surprises – Infographic

The Facebook like button is perhaps the most used website widget in all of the internet. Used on over 125 million websites around the world, Facebook has became tightly integrated into the way we surf the web and share content with our friends. As we dug a little deeper into the Facebook like button, we found out some interesting facts that may surprise you. Continue reading


Meaning Of A Facebook Like – Lately we’ve heard a lot of debate about the value of a Facebook like. Some have tried to calculate the ROI of a like for a brand, while others argue that the intrinsic value … Continue reading


How Brands Use Facebook To Boost Sales – This visual guide shows case studies of how brands have used Facebook to boost their sales.