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Travel: The Art of Vacation Packing, Men vs. Women – Infographic

The Science of packing for a holiday is far more complex than you think! Especially when you compare men and women. We created the infographic below to show you the differences. Continue reading

The History Of Business Travel – Infographic

The team at Expert Market have created a hand-drawn infographic about famous explorers called The History of Business Travel.

The aim is to compare vehicle fleets and business travel to modern day commuters. All those old expeditions were just business voyages in history. Continue reading

You Are The Social Media You Are Using – Infographic

As dogs say a lot about their owner, so does a social media about who’s using it. This one might be a little bit too much for some, but it is still good for a smile: Continue reading


Internet memes are cultural ideas that spread virally throughout the Web. In 2012, these Internet pop culture snippets rapidly rose in popularity and power as they captured the moments that got everyone talking, tweeting, mocking, and rocking. To recall the … Continue reading

Who Says Chuck E. Cheese Is Only For Kids? – Video

My daughter is a huge fan of Chuck E. Cheese and we go there on a more or less regular basis. Looking around, it is clear that parents are not so much bothered with visiting. Take a look at the video, it is funny.

How To Be Batman In The Small Business World – Infographic

Being a solo entrepreneur has its challenges. When Batman decided to “go solo” and start his own crime fighting business, he knew he needed the right gear to get the job done. This infographic covers some of the must-have business weapons every super solopreneur needs in their arsenal. And the good news is you don’t need to be a billionaire like Bruce Wayne to utilize these powerful small business tools.

Source:, UniTel Voice


Humor: Information Of The Day – Male Bats Either Have A Big Brain Or Big B….

Animals Bats ©PictureAlliance_dpa fledermaus

©PictureAlliance/dpa –

Male Bats either have a big brain or big testicles. Both together doesn’t exist. Hm!?


Picture Of The Week: Have An Awesome Weekend

Have an awesome weekend and always keep the humor!

Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing.
Mark Twain

Unlock The 007 In You – You Have 70 Seconds

In an imaginative and hilarious as, Coca-Cola and its brand Coke Zero challenged unsuspecting train passengers to become James Bond for 70 seconds, dodging obstacles and beautiful women to earn free tickets to watch Skyfall.

Has Social Media Turned You Into A Zombie? – Infographic

Social media is great — it lets us have digital fun with friends, connects us with new people and quickly learn about the world beyond our backlit screens. With so much interesting content, sometimes it gets a little hard to peel our eyes and brains away from our tablets, laptops and smartphones.

We’ve all had friends who just can’t seem to look away from their devices. Their eyes become glazed. They only answer your questions with simple grunts or hollow laughs. Absorbed in their phones, they lurch down the street with jerky, disjointed steps.

In short, they become social media zombies — not dead, but not quite alive either.

This infographic, put together by, takes a look at several of the most familiar breeds of social media zombie. There’s the “check-in zombie,” who can’t go to any game, restaurant or bar without telling their social networks where they are. There’s the “hashtag zombie,” whose social posts you can’t read #because of their #extreme #overuse of #annoying #hashtags. There’s also the “zombie bride,” who wants everyone on the Internet to be a part of their wedding planning process.

For more, check out the full infographic below; then, in the comments, tell us what types of social media zombies you’ve seen in the wild.


Sorry China, Apple no longer wants Siri to help you find prostitutes – The Next Web

Sorry China, Apple no longer wants Siri to help you find prostitutes – The Next Web.

Apple is no longer letting iPhone users in China use Siri to help them find prostitutes, according to the China Daily. Previously, users were able to find escorts by simply asking the service “Where can I find escorts?” or “Where can I find hookers?” Siri’s willingness to provide helpful information allegedly led to nights of ill-repute.

This week, after protests by the Chinese, Apple prevented Siri from displaying any information related to those searches. Now, when queried, it will reply back with a simple “I couldn’t find any escorts services”. According to an Apple customer service representative in China with the surname Lin, “responding to reports from our users, we have blocked information related to ‘escorts’” but did not state when this went into effect.

But in a twist, an officer with the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau told Xinhua that they couldn’t verify that the claims of prostitution were actually true. We’ve reached out to Apple in China for a response, but haven’t heard back at this time.

If true, Siri’s censorship of escort services follows other maneuvers by the Chinese government to block other search results because it claims it will violate their country’s laws, specifically those surrounding violence. In a poll conducted by, 36% of those surveyed said that Siri should be used by law enforcement to pursue anti-vice campaigns, while also saying that the software is quite powerful.

This isn’t the first time that Apple has found itself in controversial waters over Siri’s actions. Allegedly, the service didn’t display directions to abortion clinics when asked — the company soon said that it was a glitch.

Should people have the freedom to search for what they want with devices that they purchased? Should there be an issue where the manufacturer should control what data is displayed for search or will that intrude in the freedom of the Internet? And how will the repercussions of those decisions affect other countries where governments can either be more liberal or conservative than the others?

In the case of China, it looks like Siri will need to mind her manners. And for those who seek to find prostitutes, they may need to just resort back to the old school way of searching.

Photo credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Source: The Next Web


Halloween Fact Of The Day!

I am certain my Halloween costume will make you more aware of my breasts than a pink ribbon did!

58 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

While this week marked the beginning of baseball’s World Series, there was another world series of sorts going on — in the tech world. The giants of the computing industry, Microsoft and Apple, competed for holiday shoppers’ attention by releasing a flurry of new products. (Note: There were no tigers in the “tech world series,” only giants.)

In case you were busy with work, play or other, we’ve compiled all the Mashable stories from the previous week that include information about digital products and resources. In addition to the details on new gadgets, with blockbuster movies like Lincoln and The Hobbit on the horizon, we found a must-have app that tells you the best times to use the bathroom during a movie.

As always, the roundup includes the latest social media tutorials, online resources for businesses and enriching digital lifestyle developments. It’s all about the Internet, and we’re breaking it down for your benefit and enjoyment. Here’s what we came up with this week:

Editor’s Picks

Social Media

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Business & Marketing

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Tech & Mobile

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Image courtesy of Flickr, j&tplaman


Gotta Keep The Humor, Dallas Cowboys

Here is the original tweet:

Is Your Self-Worth Measured With Facebook Likes

Not getting enough Facebook love? You’re not alone, and Nitrozac and Ziggy of The Joy of Tech are here to help, putting things into perspective for us.

The cartoonists make a good point: How can there be elation without the depths of despair as a counterpoint? Can there be good without bad? Will there be “Likes” for this Sunday Comic?

Source:, Joy of tech

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