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Personal Finance: Managing Your Biggest Asset, Your Home – Infographic



For many people their home is their biggest asset. With that fact in place, it is important to maintain and grow your asset.

This infographic will help you learn the five key financial metrics and associated tips to managing your home finances.

Source: HomeZada

Different: A Reddit House – Infographic

A popular Reddit thread asked, “If money wasn’t an issue, what would you make sure to have in your dream home?” Redditors say the darndest things so we pulled some of the best answers together to create the ultimate internet-inspired dream home. Continue reading


There have been 42 women who have topped the Billboard 200 chart since 1985. Some have built lasting careers on top, others have come and gone. Use the interactive visualization below to plot the chart position of each of these … Continue reading


A world map of gun death rates per city compared against the strictness rating of gun laws by country.


Natural disasters are terrible events. Sometimes, when one happens far away, we aren’t aware of the full scope of effects it causes. I created this infographic to bring attention to the lasting consequences of the 2011 Japanese Tsunami.


An informative infographic on how to spot the signs of stroke and actions you should take when you do see these signs in someone. Stroke is the number 1 preventable cause of disability – it comes down to a matter … Continue reading


4,000 runners started January 2013 running. 75% of runners who skip February won’t run again this year. Don’t be that statistic.