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New York City Photos And Impressions – Empire State Building Under The Bridge

Photo taken from Brooklyn/Dumbo and edited with different filters.

New York City Photos And Impressions – Times Square, People

Picture taken on Times Square and edited with different filters.




New York City Art Photo – Brooklyn Bridge

Picture taken from Brooklyn Bridge Park and edited with different filters.


Beautiful People – Noelia Lopez Andres

Noelia made this photo available from her Instagram (noelop10). I edited the photo with multiple filters. See more of her photos on her Instagram.


New York City Photos – Lightning On The Brookyn Bridge

Picture taken on the Brooklyn Bridge and edited and altered with different filters.

Transforming Retail: Digital Technology And Consumer Expectations – Infographic



Social Media And Tech Are Changing The Game

The demand for retailers to step up their game is more apparent than ever. Consumers are shifting the retail landscape and innovating with technology to engage the tech savvy shopper is a must.

Source: Hubba

London Escort Agencies: The Right Dress For The Right Occasion

KingUvdaStreet Urban Clothing

This article looks at the informal dress code that exists amongst London’s finest escorts and explains why it is important to dress correctly for the right occasion.

Why Escorts?
For many people working in the city, it simply is not practical to meet someone for a serious relationship. People who work long hours, who travel extensively, or who simply aren’t looking for the commitment of a relationship can struggle to meet other people who want a more casual arrangement. It is all too easy to string along another individual without meaning too, especially if that other person is seeking something more in-depth or involved than just casual or occasional dating. So as an alternative, London escorts can offer an excellent service.

Different Escorts For Different Occasions
When you book services from London escorts, you will find plenty of diversity and variety available. Do some research to assess which escort agency…

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Instagram: Top 3 Annoying Instagram Habits


There are lots of does and dont’s when it comes to Instagram, most of us have done some of the dont’s (I know I have!), here are the three Instagram habits that bug me the most:

– #Hashtagging #Every #Word

You probably seen this on Instagram and might have wondered if it is a good idea? It’s not. The point of adding a hashtag is to make your picture searchable and easy to find for people looking for that particular topic.

Turning every word into an hashtag is pointless – have you ever searched for #is #and #a ? No? Nobody else either… Instagram allows 50 tags per picture (which I think is plenty), make sure to add tags that people actually search for and don’t “waste” tags on these words no one searches for.

– Hashtag “cheating”
I guess this is a “crime” most of us are quilty of…

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Spain overpowered by Brazil – what now for Barça?


Neymar Iniesta Paulinho 2013Having eight Barça players starting in the final of the Confederations Cup was a definite cause for Culé pride. However, the majority were representing Spain, and after Brazil’s comprehensive 3-0 victory last night there was the same uncomfortable sensation of impotence that was experienced after Barça’s Champions League exit to Bayern Munich.

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Sun Kissed Kat


Can You Beat A Goldfish? – Why Video Is So Important In Capturing Attention

The internet is a crowded space and it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold a user’s attention. Our attention spans for online content are getting shorter too. A recent study has found that videos are 100% more powerful in capturing a user’s attention.

Saving Time On Content Creation

5 Awesome Tips for Saving Time on Content Creation for B2B Lead Gen! – B2C

If you have ventured into the world of content/inbound marketing you will know that it is a time consuming and long term commitment, and even though the investment is well worth it, (precisely a 62% reduction in the cost per lead from inbound vs outbound marketing) there is still the issue of time, and lack thereof!

If you haven’t yet ventured into content marketing, be very ashamed and stop acting like a granny, it’s 2013. Continue reading

Essentials Of Press Releases: Dos And Don’ts – Infographic

Drafting a well-written and attention-grabbing press release doesn’t require a Public Relations degree. However, finding concrete news worth touting and learning the ins and outs of press release etiquette is essential for showing off your credibility and attracting the attention of busy journalists. Continue reading

Tweets Of The Day – Tuesday, May 28th

Today’s tweets talk about LinkedIn’s Ecosystem, give tips on SEO copywriting, introduce Automattic (WordPress’ mother), explain how our grandparents still influence our fashion and, as always, give you some “New York City Impressions”. Enjoy.

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