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Is Amazon’s Cloud the Web’s Biggest Target?

Jon Erlichman reports on Netflix’s Christmas Eve outage and cloud computing security. (Source: Bloomberg)

The State Of Cloud Storage In 2013 – Infographic

In the last year, Cloud Storage Providers (CSPs) delivered over an exabyte of data under contract. This astonishing growth heralds a new era for how storage is delivered and consumed. After months of testing, hundreds of engineer man-hours, and countless discussions with the cloud storage providers, the team at Nasuni is ready to declare one cloud storage provider better than all the others. Continue reading

Most Popular Social Networking Sites By Country – Infographic

A map showing the most popular social networking sites by country according to Alexa and Google Trends for Websites traffic data

Facebook with 1 billion active users has established its leadership position in 127 out of 137 countries analyzed. One of the drivers of its growth is Asia that with 278 million users, surpassed Europe, 251 million, as the largest continent on Facebook. North America has 243 million users, South America 142 million. Africa, almost 52 million, and Oceania just 15 million (source: Facebook Ads Platform). In the latest months Zuckerberg’s Army conquered Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and Vietnam (update: my data are about visitors, but I’d like to report that Draugiem’s spokeperson told me that they have 1.2 million members in Latvia. Facebook Ads claims 400K members)

In Russian territories there was a long battle between two main local players: V Kontakte and Odnoklassniki. According to Alexa the first is gaining ground and now has 190 million registered users.

In China QZone still dominates the Asian landscape with 552 million users, followed by Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo. Since the latest update QZone has also conquered South Korea.

In Iran, where it’s hard to access Facebook due to state censorship, the leader is Cloob.



Shopping Mobile On Thanksgiving – Infographic

Don’t be too surprised if you catch one of your relatives shopping on their smartphone during Thanksgiving dinner.

Twenty-eight percent of those who own a smartphone or tablet plan to shop from their mobile devices on Thursday, according to a Harris Interactive survey of more than 2,000 adults on behalf of Digitas. That’s nearly twice the percentage who said they would shop from a mobile device on Thanksgiving in a similar survey conducted last year.

Much of this increase in mobile shopping is being driven by students. Digitas found that nearly 40% of students plan to shop from their phones on Thanksgiving and more than 20% of students said they would actually forego going to a Thanksgiving meal if they knew in advance they couldn’t use their phones.

For these reasons, Digitas has dubbed the day “Mobile Thursday.” While it may frustrate some households who just want to have quality family time, Digitas argues the shift in mobile use on Thanksgiving poses a great opportunity for brands.

“With more consumers shopping on their devices, brands are being provided with more mobile moments to address and create impact — even during a time of turkey, football, and family,” Chia Chen, SVP of Mobile Practice Lead for Digitas, said in a statement.

That said, there are challenges for brands who want to boost holiday sales through mobile devices. Even though more people are planning to shop from their phones on Thanksgiving, the vast majority (76%) still think it’s easier to shop from a computer. If retailers really want to boost mobile commerce, they’ll have to improve the ease of the shopping experience on tablets and smartphones first.



Are In Person Conversations Richer Compared To Online? – Infographic

It’s no great secret that Facebook is the hottest spot for social gathering since Studio 54. Since its launch in 2004, nearly a billion people have flocked to the site.

Facebook and other social media sites have enjoyed stunning popularity over the past several years. By users own reports, however, many don’t seem to be unlocking the full potential of social media as a tool for both social and professional interaction.

A study of North American adults, conducted by Concept Metrics and sponsored by The Marketing Distillery, found people belong to almost two social networks on average. The same people who are rushing to sign up for these networks said they find “real life” interaction to be richer, yet they are not using social media to facilitate face-to-face meetings.

“All of us Internet users are fast becoming social network users with more than 60% of us belonging to an online social network,” JP Clement, founder and CAO of The Marketing Distillery, tells Mashable. “But that social online behavior is not translating to an increase in social behavior offline.”

Check out the infographic, created by The Marketing Distillery, that summarizes the findings of the Concept Metrics study. Then, interact in the comment section and let us know how you use social media as a tool to enrich your life, both socially and professionally.

Source:, The Marketing Distillery, Concept Metrics


Social Media and Customer Service – Infographic

It’s seems like theses days you are more likely to see a commercial saying “like us on Facebook” than not. Brand involvement has always been the name of the game but today’s technologies allow us to be more involved than ever. Theoretically you can talk directly to Oreo or Coke by posting on their Facebook walls. So why is this so important? When you have customers interacting with your product even when they are not using it you have created a customer base more loyal than others.

Social media has allowed companies to become more responsive than ever before. Today’s infographic Social Customer Service: The Next Competitive Battleground shows us that companies are responding quicker than ever to their customers complaints. In fact about 84% of social media use is geared towards improving customer service.

Source: Bluewolf, daily infographic


The Future Of Social Apps In Marketing And Social Media – Infographic

Source: ClickSoftware, Soshable, Bryan Wallace

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