First things first: If you look for a financial advisor or financial planner, please call Gene Panasenko with LPL Financial. Of all the professionals I have spoken to in the past year, he made the best impression on me. Gene has also the broadest investment tools available. He is not bounded by one company and therefore doesn’t need to “push” one company and its financial products. Gene can individualize a financial plan and strategy for you and your family’s needs with products from different organizations. This is an incredible advantage. Gene can be reached under 646-395-7135 or via email under Gene.Panasenko@lpl.com Please check also http://www.lpl.com/gene.panasenko/Home.aspx for complete contact info.

The statements made by this blogger are strictly his personal opinions and are based solely on current published information, including live TV. This blogger is not responsible for the accuracy of any of that information and, due to the fluidity of published information, may change his views from time to time. This blog is intended solely to inform readers and promote constructive discussion, not to defame, libel, malign or infringe upon the property rights of others. This blogger is not liable for any frames or links in or anything linking to this blog, nor for the content of any comments or any commenter’s intent, but urges all commenters to write responsibly.

This is the writers take on business and the financial markets. The opinion expressed is not financial advice. The writer is not a licensed professional and therefore not allowed to extend such advice to individuals and organizations. If you are looking for financial advice, contact the next financial institution for such advice.

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