Social Media Is Changing The World – Infographic

Social media is an ever changing thing in this world – social sites rise and social sites fall. Social sites are where people find out the latest news, gossip, and updates on our friends, family, bands, companies, and everyone else out there. It seems that social media is in everything we do these days. Since it is becoming such a big part of our lives, we should keep up with them and how they are shifting. This infographic presented by The SEO Company highlights the biggest changes in social media for 2012.

Let’s start with the current king of social networks that has millions of users: Facebook. In January 2012, Facebook integrated the timeline into their user profiles. In March, they launched Messenger for Windows that let Windows 7 users’message on face and receive posts without dealing with a browser. They bought Instagram – one of the biggest photo apps – for $1 billion. This is the most anyone has ever spent on an app. Then, Facebook opened their IPO at $38/share which was one of the most-hyped stock offerings in history. Later, it became the most disappointing social media investment that was produced in 2012. If you look at the numbers, there is no slow down for Facebook at this time…Read More

Source: Technorati

7 responses to “Social Media Is Changing The World – Infographic

  1. It will be interesting to see what happens next year. The social media landscape is an ever changing phenom eclipsed only by the race to mobile…

  2. Change is necessary but at some time too much change will kill the golden goose

  3. I read this before somewhere. Some of them already fade away.

    • As the report says, social media is an ever changing thing. It will be much more interesting to take another look in a year.

  4. It appears that Facebook and Google are on course to continue to outdo each other. This will be interesting to watch. Social Media networks have come and gone, some are not even used by many of us but by a niche market.

  5. Rapidly changing environment – turbulent times, fraught with dangers and opportunities, let’s hope that FB does get some/most of it right. The IPO disaster may prove difficult to manage. Time (lines) will tell.

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