The Wing Bar – Brooklyn

For friends of wings, like me, this is a hot recommendation. I have been visiting the wing bar for almost two years and have never been disappointed. Over the past 13 years I lived in different cities in the United States and have tried many places for my once or twice a month wing feast. When I moved to NYC I was of course looking for a place to satisfy my monthly wing needs. It took me a while until, by chance, I stumbled into what I was looking for.

The Wing Bar is located on Brooklyn’s Smith Street. The bar itself is mostly crowded and more than once I had to eat my wings standing somewhere in a corner where my 6’4, 230 lbs frame just barely fitted in. In the summer time, the beer garden is a great place to visit. To my surprise, while always busy, that beer garden has not been over crowded very often. The beer garden is awesome and offers a kind of idyllic place, just like Brooklyn is itself. If you hang out with friends and you look for a place to have a couple of beers and ability to have a conversation in a great environment, this is the place to go. If you don’t like wings, there is a lot of other stuff, such as burgers and others. If you are not hungry, the drinks are, compared to all the fancy places in NYC, cheap, and, good.

Staff is exceptionally friendly, and savvy, and I have never seen them stressing out over anything. The combination of wings, friendly staff, location and the beer garden makes The Wing Bar a major favorite of mine. Keep it up!