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What’s hot in social media: Social media and especially marketing in social media is still a topic that is discovered new every day by major brands and those that cater to those brands. We took a look at some brands, their social media efforts and a tool that could be used to do much better. Also, take a look for yourself why major brands should use Empire Avenue, a small global social media platform that could really boost every social media, pr and marketing effort:

Why Every Major Brand Should Use Empire Avenue – Social Media Rocket Fuel

For Major Brands – Social Media Is A Sales Driver! If You Treat It As Such

In My Opinion – How Big Brands Create Social Media Campaigns, General Motors’ $30 Million Facebook Campaign

Major Brands: Social Media Is Great – How Do We Make Money Off It?


Our Twitter In Magazine Form – The Main Street Analyst Daily


The Big 3 In The World Of Luxury Brands

Social Media And The Fashion Retailers

Social Commerce IQ – Fashion

The Office Catwalk – Why office Fashion Can Be A Full Time Job


Doing Research? Need Numbers? Check This Out –


More Posts And Infographics

So, And You Believe You Have A Free Choice On The News You Get?

Social Insecurity – Got Social Media FOMO?

Oversharing on Social Media

Gender Marketing – Consumer Differences Between The Sexes

Moms Are The Biggest Brand Boosters

Quick Start Guide For Social Marketing On The Big 3

Facebook vs. Pinterest On Twitter

Blogging is Like Sex


Maximizing Millennials – How To Manage Gen Y

The iPhone Turns 5 – A Success Story

RIM’s Dramatic Losses – The Blackberry Is In Danger Of Extinction


Are Women More Attracted To Jerks?

The Status Of Social Media In Marketing

Where Are The Most Social Small Businesses?


What You Need To Know About Sunscreen

Got Milk? – What Do You Know About Milk?

Cannes Lions – Big Buzz For Selena Gomez

Internet Scam Hotspots

Teens and Video Sharing

41% of Kickstarter Projects Fail

Sitting Down Will Kill You

20 Most Expensive Houses In The World


Social Media Teens Seek Time Offline

Building An Engaged Audience – And Keeping It


Top 5 Industries in Mobile Adoption

The Power And Growth of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Commerce And Business On The Rise

A Snapshot Of Mobile Photography


People have very short attention spans these days. Information has to be delivered quick or readers move on to the next topic, overlooking valuable information. Real eye and attention catchers these days are infographics. Take a look at some of the best below, or click here for many more dealing with hot topics of these days.

Employers Don’t Like Social Media

Amazon Behind The Glamorous Storefront

How Much Does Obesity Cost Employers

Twitter, Facebook And Social Media In The Arab World

Top 10 Countries To Live And Work In 2012

Check Out Many More…


The Beautiful Game Is the Most Searched Sport In The U.S.

Do Soccer Clubs Need Shrinks To Protect Their Assets? 

Why No Soccer Superstar And No World Cup For U.S. Soccer

Fernando Torres – Mystery? (04/2011)


Don’t we all like to look at beautiful people and dream on how we are going to start working out to look like them. Well, here is a chance to motivate yourself for a much harder workout.

While you are checking out the beautiful people, don’t forget to take a look at’s 2012 Lust List. Amazing shots and more beautiful people, men women and beautiful couples. Worth a peak.


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Are you waiting for the new James Bond movie to finally come out? Well, maybe this awesome infographic about Bond’s cars of the last decades helps you to kill time while waiting:

James Bond And His Cars – The Ultimate James Bond Vehicles Guide – Enjoy this one!



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