Special Soccer Footage

The Football (Soccer) Bucket List

These games, and many others, are the best explanation why “Soccer is life”. There are no other sports events that deliver a comparable atmosphere. You can cut the air and what you see will be with you for life. This will hook you to soccer…Read more

Hope Solo – Dancing with the Stars

New York Cosmos – Once in a lifetime?

Pele – The Greatest

2 responses to “Special Soccer Footage

  1. I used to love soccer. I was a fan for the last 40 years. Unfortunately, the recent evolution of this sport has been a failure imho. The best exemple is the French team of Paris. The huge amount of money this club enjoys, comes from Qatar. This country is known to do little on human rights: woman and children abuses, torture is not only common but also allowed by the constitution. Needless to say that this kind if money has nothing to do in sports.

    • I respect your opinion, Jean Noel. However, soccer is kind of a very unpolitical sport. When I say that, I mean world politics, not the politics within FIFA. Every country on earth is playing and competing and that is a good thing. That there are a lot of things not going in the right direction in Qatar, is undisputed. There are lots of people with lots of money from all over the world looking to buy into a soccer club and whether that is good for soccer or not has to be seen. Fact is, soccer is a money and business machine and as long as that is the case, we will see things like this happening. I doubt that the Qatar people are the only ones with “dirt on the stick”. And that counts for all of business.

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