Empire Avenue Kleptomaniacs

Mission Thieves, Fake Profiles and other Nonsense

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17 responses to “Empire Avenue Kleptomaniacs

  1. Wel, even if people are looking at the Eaves as Monopoly money, they can still admit that your time is worth money, and you spend a lot of time on EAv, as do I. My first experience with running a mission was a disaster and I almost left EAv for good. Thanks to my wife and a good friend here on EAv, I decided to stay, but I have decided that I will not run any more missions until the “Hit-n-run” status has changed. I have learned to click the link below the blue mission box if I am not sure about a mission. This has saved me a lot of times, but I have still had the occassional mission where I was unable to complete the mission. Such as hitting a limit on Twitter, which I have had to pass on a lot of missions just because I cannot follow any more people. I do leave a message if I am not able to complete the mission and ask the mission maker to please leave me a shout out on my page and let me know what they want me to do with the eaves.

    There has even been a mission which I did want to complete, but couldn’t, because I had been blocked by the person whom I was supposed to buy. Also, since the change to the new format, several times when I try to complete a mission, I am informed that I have blocked the user and to check my blocked users list, of which there is no list because I have not blocked anyone.

    The people that continue to steal missions and not complete them should not even be allowed access to the missions, if it can be shown they do it regularly. EAv should have some means of reporting them and dealing with them, not only to protect the members, but to protect EAv from becoming a joke on the internet.

  2. I wouldn’t. Except in a community of close friends, you will always have those who will cheat. I suppose if this involved high stakes, then my feeling would be different. For these missions, we are talking about monopoly money. If you are cheating, shame on you. Public shaming of the cheaters may exclude them from a particular circle, at the end of the day, I anticipate they will continue to cheat.

    Since my wealth is still relatively low, I launch missions that can reward eaves to about 40-50 people. While not at 100%, I can say that a substantial majority of the mission takers completed the mission.

    The other danger of public exposure is exposing someone who did not intend to cheat, but did it accidentally. For example, someone is in his or her office and hits the mission button. All of a sudden the phone rings, he has to take the call, then he goes in the hall to meet a client. When he returns to the his desk he forgets that he was in the middle of fulfilling someone’s retweet mission. No doubt the habitual cheaters are there, but I hate to see someone’s reputation ruined because he or she inadvertently failed to complete a mission.

    • Awesome comment, thank you. I will not put someone up that has missed to complete a mission one time. What I am talking about are the people that are sitting there for an hour, “complete” missions and do nothing. Or those that show up every day in my missions, take the eaves and don’t do anything. The best point is, if we would match our missions against each others, you would always see the same people that have missed completing it. Not for a ringing phone, but pure intent.

      No we are not talking about Monopoly money, we are talking about real money, and a business. For me, in order to run missions, I had to upgrade, which costs a few bucks. Clearly, not the world, but real dollars. Upgrading has allowed me to generate the income to run missions. Also, I run the smallest mission you can run. Costs me 10,000 eaves per mission. I run 3 a day, almost every day. I do it for about 2 or 3 month and plan on doing it for a while. If you add this up and calculate fallout of 30-50% you will reach a good number. Buying 10,000 eaves costs you 5 bucks.

      EA can be used as marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. EA is pursuing companies to sign up and use the service, including the missions. If the system is rotten …, you continue the thought. It is EA’s business and not mine, so it is up to them what they do with the problem, but this is not only about Monopoly money. I know it is not only for me, but for many other people that upgrade or even buy eaves.

      My girlfriend is a lawyer as well and she brought up a pretty good example, eBay. Remember what happened when they started out? The “cheaters” thought they can get the stuff that was offered for free. Sellers sent it to them and the buyers/cheaters didn’t pay. For eBay to save their business they had to police it, and they do. If you think EA’s business model through, you will find similarities. If the mission cheating is not stopped, that tool will eventually dry out and people will use other stuff to promote a business or whatever they promote.

      • I guess I did not do a good job of thinking through that comment. I hope I did not step on anyone’s toes with the “monopoly money” response. If anyone is spending real money for additional eaves for the purpose of launching missions and marketing, I can totally see you being upset with those who take the eaves and fail to complete the mission. I can also see the role of missions in a marketing plan.

        Sometimes I do have the ability to open mouth insert foot. Or in this case keyboard.


      • Don’t worry about it, Rich. It is good that a lot of people put out what they have to say. That way we can take care of a few misunderstandings that are clearly out there. If more people understand that this is about real money, maybe the snatching stops. I appreciate your comments and i am glad I could show you that there is much more behind the missions.


  3. I am having to comment from my furry friends blog (which I have not updated in forever) as the site would not take the comment when I put my normal website. My website http://www.agentwithresults.com is I think a dot org webpress site and this is a dot com. I left a nice comment and then got kicked out and the only way to comment was to use my pets blog.

    Anyway I commented that I would need to share your site with my daughter who is working at the Apple Store at Grand Central Station. I’m new to Empire Avenue and want to complete all my missions but I have to be honest this one was a bit difficult. I thought I could just put my comment in with my normal website but it did not work. It appears that had I not had the furry friend blog from way back I would not have been able to comment.

    • In such a case you would leave a comment in the comment section of the mission. I am riding this subject for a while. By now there is a lot of information published by many EA players on how to do the right thing with the missions. Check some of the communities, my other blog posts about this and the comments to these posts.

  4. I am so all for this! Vitus, I’m at the end of my first month on EAV, and I’ve now run 4 missions. Liquidity is tight, because I invest in newbies (to help them as others helped me) before they’re able to truly invest back in me, and I buy back (at various levels) every single person who invests in me.

    Out of the 4 missions, a 70% compliance rate was the best I’ve gotten. I just finished a mission (stockholders only) giving away 1000 eaves to invest back in me. 5 out of 30 just took the cash and bolted!

  5. I’ve wondered that same thing. But I especially wonder of it would change anything.

  6. Wow, I would rather see you work in communities that honor the mission being done honorably than you doing this. Maybe report them to the Empire Avenue and block them from your missions, might be a better idea than going out front like this.

    Just don’t want this to come down hard on you. I do know how you feel, but reporting them to Brad Grier who works for EA might be a better.

  7. If the point of this page is to help keep track of Mission Thieves and Fake Eav Profiles, then yes I think you should make it live.

    I personally do not accept a mission I don’t plan on following through with, as a matter of fact I tend to follow the link prior to accepting the mission to view first. If I know I can complete I will go back and accept the mission. I also always leave a comment in the mission comments.

    Mission Complete!

    Have a great night 🙂


    • I do the same, check and often complete the mission before accepting since I’ve clicked the link at the end of the mission.

      I hope EA add a Hide button for missions so I can remove from my stream those missions I have no intention of completing.

  8. I’m still new to Empire Avenue, and one of my greatest fears is that my attempts to get people to actually engage with me will fall flat. I don’t know how bad the cheating problem is, but I can already tell it makes room for it. Right now I try to make up for missions I click on and realize I can’t complete by promoting the person everywhere else I can for the time being.

    When people cheat on your missions, you lose. Pageviews and uniques are not the only things that matter when you’re trying to build your web site. You HAVE to have a good number of people who are engaged in your site long enough to read something. These cheaters end up lowering the “average time on site” in Google Analytics, and that can really mess up your rankings.

    Long story short, I feel ya, bro. I’m a real person because I expect the same of others.

  9. Good idea. However, you need also collect solid evidence that everyone could understand/see how the person cheated. Suspicion does not counter. I had this idea for months after I released my first mission. However, after several months, I decide to praise those who complete the mission and beyond. Additionally, I’ll release high valued mission through known communities where most of its member will complete mission.

    • The evidence is as good as it gets. Day, time, mission. I even sent multiple messages asking for the problem, all unanswered. I have followed the worst throughout their “mission taking” and what you see is crazy. I don’t think the most people have an idea what these mission snatchers are up to.

  10. Yes…. Because it makes me not even want to put any missions out there

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