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Google+ celebrated nearing the end of its first full calendar year as a social network by publishing this infographic displaying highlights about the network achieved in 2012.


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Facebook Marketing – Review Facebook Statistics for 2012 with Wishpond’s informative and creative Infographic.

ModCloth’s 2012 Online Success – Infographic

ModCloth’s 2012 ends shipping 1.2m orders, now with 1,200 featured designers, holiday requests up 52% – The Next Web.

ModCloth, an online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer, has released some news on its performance over the last year — there has been a lot of activity on its site. It says it ended 2012 with over 1,200 featured designers sharing and selling their designs to consumers. From a mobile standpoint, the company saw its traffic from smartphones at least double, while those coming from tablet devices tripled from those that shopped in 2011.

Started in 2006 by Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, two high school sweethearts, the company is focused on helping to provide customers with a “fun and engaging shopping atmosphere”.  The company currently has three offices in the US: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, the latter being its headquarters. There are 370 employees in the company, along with 28 dogs (it is a pet-friendly group) — equating to a 50% growth in company size year over year.

Each day, ModCloth said it adds an average of 40 new items to its website each day.


From a customer service standpoint, it appears that its users appreciate what ModCloth is doing. Just last year, nearly 480,000 minutes were spent on the phone with customers. It received over 6,000 compliments on its service team. Nearly 1.2 million orders were shipped from the company’s fulfillment center in Pittsburgh.

During the holiday season, the company said it saw its holiday requests increase 52% year over year. As more shopping became popular online, ModCloth most likely reaped the benefits of it. When one of its investors, First Round Capital, launched a Cyber Monday shopping site, that also helped to contribute to an increase in holiday buying.

Where exactly did most of the sales come from? ModCloth says that California, New York, and Texas were the top three states.

We spoke with Menlo Ventures’ managing partner Pravin Vazirani recently about what he saw were the e-commerce trends for 2013. Vazirani, an investor in similar services like Poshmark and Fab, tells us that this year, those industry startups that succeed will have a strong mobile and social presence. In ModCloth’s case, from a mobile standpoint, it appears to be moving in the right direction, with more traffic coming from mobile and tablet versus the year prior.


From a social setting, ModCloth certainly has built a following on services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. The company says that each of its social media presences have grown by at least double digits, with YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram growing by several hundred percent. Not surprisingly, ModCloth’s Pinterest page has a larger following and has grown over 42,000%.

ModCloth has put together this infographic which summarizes its progress in 2012.

Photo credit: VANO SHLAMOV/AFP/Getty Imageshttps://i2.wp.com/cdn.thenextweb.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/2013/01/modcloth_yearinreview_final.png


20 Memorable Marketing Moments Of 2012 – Infographic

You’re probably knee deep in 2013 prediction blog posts — posts looking forward to all the amazing things (hopefully all amazing, right?) marketing has in store for us in 2013. Heck — we even published one of our own a few weeks ago — and an ebook to boot! But how about we accompany all that looking forward with a little looking back? 2012 was a great year, after all — full of memorable marketing moments that we should take a minute to celebrate.

So, we put together a list of 20 memorable marketing moments in 2012 that we thought represented some monumental strides for our industry. And then, because we’re marketers, we made them into an infographic. Big surprise. (Many thanks to our own Desmond Wong for creating this swanky visual, by the way).

Take a look at some of our favorite marketing moments this year, and of course share some of your own favorite moments in the comments!

Source: HubSpot

Soccer Is Life: Playing Against Lionel Messi? Get Ready – Infographic

Are you playing against Lionel Messi soon? Here is a graphic display of the 91 goals scored by Lionel Messi in 2012: From where and to where. Get ready!

Source: Visual.ly


LinkedIn Stock Performance In 2012 – Infographic

So far, 2012 has been a great year for LinkedIn. While the stocks of other high profile newly public tech companies such as Facebook, Groupon and Zynga cratered, LinkedIn’s stock has been on a tear for good parts of the year. Carried by solid financials and decent user growth, LinkedIn’s stock is up around 70 percent since January.

The only flaw in LinkedIn’s otherwise great track record was the leakage of user data in June, when hackers reportedly gained access to the passwords of 6.5 million users, because the data was not sufficiently protected. LinkedIn issued an apology and ensured users that no login data had been leaked alongside the passwords. Further damage was successfully averted and the issue could be put away as a minor hickup in an good year.

Source: Statista

ChartOfTheDay LinkedIn_768_Stock_performance_of_newly_public_tech_companies_n

Google’s 3rd Quarter Result A Disappointment? – Infographic

Google‘s third-quarter earnings report leaked four hours early Thursday afternoon. The earnings, which missed Wall Street’s expectations, sent the stock down more than 8% before trading was halted. Google said R.R. Donnelley, its filing agent, is to blame.

Earnings were $9.03 a share on $11.33 billion in revenue, missing expectations of $10.63 a share on revenue of $11.86 billion. Profits took a 20% dip due to costs related to the acquisition of Motorola and Android development. Google’s paid clicks were up 33% year-over-year, but cost-per-clicks revenue declined 15% from the year previous.

Numbers are one thing, but the data is much easier to take in visually, which you can do in the Statista graphic below. What do you make of Google’s less-than-stellar third quarter? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Mashable.com, Statista

China To Become The Largest Smartphone Market In 2012 – Infographic

China to Become the Largest Smartphone Market in 2012
This chart shows the five largest smartphone markets, based on their share of global smartphone shipments.

Source: Statista

Summer Swimwear 2012 – Video


Top 10 Countries To Live And Work In 2012 – Infographic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live somewhere else? This is one of the best infographics we’ve ever seen, created by Infographic Labs and displaying the results of the most recent survey of expats around the world on the best countries to live and work abroad in.
This extensively researched infographic showcases the results of the latest expat surveys on the top countries to live and work abroad in- and why. As a bonus we’ve included how these countries rank when it comes to measuring cost of living, certainly a factor when deciding where to live.

Published on o5.

Source: infographiclabs.com

Firefox 2012

Victoria’ Secret Very Sexy Online Commercial – Spring 2012

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