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Japan – Fukushima-Daiichi – The language of reporting softens and other miracles

The language of the nuclear disaster reporting in Japan and around the world softens. While on Wednesday the reporting was full of concern and fear, after the helicopters and water throwers unloaded tons of water on the rods, there is a sound of hope in the reporting from Japan. It seems so easy.

The news agencies around the world are reporting that Japan “upgraded” the misery to a “3 Mile Island” status. That is the point where one becomes skeptical again about the truth of the information provided to the public. Looking over the past days of news and the diverse criteria to grade this mess, it is clear that “3 Mile Island” status was passed at the moment when those rods were sitting blank in a dry pool, due to numerous explosions, basically under the blue sky. That was never the case at the time in Pennsylvania. How can this now be upgraded to that status when it already exceeded that status days ago? Here are a few questions to ask!

It appears that the Japanese government and the “believing” media are trying to save the moment rather than reporting based on facts. Reflecting on the past days and what was reported, somehow the successes of the water sprinkling action seem not to fit in. It looks like we, and most important, the Japanese people, have to wait a few months or years until the entire nuclear mess shows its ugly face.