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Facebook Advertising: Which Ads Perform Best – Infographic



Facebook Ad Performance

Have you ever wondered which ad types perform best based on CTR, CPC, and CPM – or what are some target benchmarks for each type of ad? This graphic outlines 11 different types of ads and their performance baselines.

Source: LinchPinSEO

Advertising Value: Are Facebook Ads Worth It? – Infographic




Ever wonder if your Facebook ads are performing better or worse than the industry standard? What the average CPM, CTR, CPC, the average cost per like, or average page like rate in your industry? Or the ultimate question – are Facebook ads worth it compared to other paid channels.

Source: LinchpinSEO

Search Marketing: Pay-Per-Click Testing – Infographic

In search marketing you always have to be on your toes to find out what works best. Like in the entire space of digital marketing, things can change in a heartbeat. Continue reading

Battle Of Online Advertising: Google vs. Facebook – Infographic

A head-to-head comparison between the two advertising platforms Google, AdWords and Facebook Ads. Continue reading

The Power Of SMS Marketing! Really? – Infographic

Check this infographic and let us know if you think this is true.

If you’re a business owner and have never looked into SMS marketing, chances are you’re missing out on an incredibly lucrative opportunity to reach your customers. Text message open rates hover around 99%, and almost all of those are read within the first 5 minutes. Small businesses and organizations all over the globe are now using targeted, opt-in text messages to land coupons, specials, alerts, and other info right into the hands of their customers. Continue reading

Big Brands Flock to Twitter, Upending Ad Industry

Jon Erlichman takes a look at the business behind Twitter. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)


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A Peak At Some Super Bowl Ads – Videos

Check out some of this year’s Super Bowl ads. The major advertisers pay $3.8 Million for 30 seconds. Worth it?


Advertising, Marketing: How We Consume Media And What Sticks – Infographic

We spend more time with media than we do working or sleeping. How do most people consume media? Where does effective advertising and marketing happen?

Source: Visual.ly, yume.com

Facebook ads…

Can you unfriend them?

Facebook and mobile ads