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Facebook Advertising: Benchmarks For Automotive Industry – Infographic



Facebook has emerged as a critical channel for smart social marketers who want to reach auto purchasers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Read on to learn information that drives auto success on Facebook.

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Twitter Going Public: Inside Their Revenue Business

There is arguably no business in the Bay area generating more buzz these days than Twitter. It now has more than 200-million active users. Like Facebook, Twitter depends on advertising dollars. And the big business question these days is…what are Twitter ads really worth to marketers?


Why Mobile Is So Interesting For Marketers – Infographic




As the social advertising market grows to a projected $11 billion by 2017, targeting mobile Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn users has become key to smart social marketing.

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Marketing And Advertising: Who Is King Of The Social Media Kingdom?


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Marketing And Advertising: How We Got To Where We Are – Infographic



In today’s fast paced business and marketing world everybody is looking at mobile, online and social media marketing. Some marketers don’t even know or haven’t worked other marketing practices.

Have a look at this infographic and find out how online and mobile marketers got to where they are today. Travel back to the 1600s with this fact-packed history of business marketing.

Source: AnchorWave


Kate Upton and an Advertising Surge for Hearst

Kevin O’Malley, publisher of Elle Magazine, discusses the September issue. He speaks on Bloomberg Telelvision’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The Growing Digital Advertising Market – Infographic



In this day and age, traditional forms of advertising are quickly becoming obsolete. In research done by Nielson, Internet advertising has been outgrowing traditional forms like television, radio, magazines, and newspaper. It is projected to take up a quarter of the advertising share by 2015.

Source: Advice Interactive Group

Advertising: Re-Capture Your Customers With Facebook Exchange Ads – Infographic



Facebook’s Exchange Ads are a great way to re-capture your customers over their News Feed.

Have a look at this infographic and see how Exchnage ads work.

Source: MDG Advertising


Marketing Super Charged – How Red Bull Turns Daredevils Into $6.2B

Energy drink company Red Bull has been making a name for itself in recent years with an innovative and eclectic marketing strategy that goes far beyond traditional advertising methods. They’ve taken the world championship 3 years in a row with their Formula 1 racing team, thrown a daredevil into space from 24 miles up, and pumped out thousands of high-adrenaline videos on their popular YouTube channel. Take a look at some surprising facts and amazing stunt footage from the company whose logo seems to be associated with just about every “extreme” pursuit today. (Source: Bloomberg)

Google: Welcome To Your Life. We Know All About It – Infographic



In the name of advertising, everything is collected!

Find out some of the information that Google has on you, and discover some of the ways it puts it to use.

Source: WorldWideLearn


Advertising: This Shark Is the World’s Most Vicious Marketer

Sharks don’t just make a splash in the ocean. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week just entered its 26th year, making it the longest running programming event on cable TV, and hooking big ad dollars for Discovery Communications. Bloomberg’s Rachel Crane takes a look at one of the most profitable fish in the sea. (Source: Bloomberg)

Social Advertising: Turning Old Fashioned Advertising Upside Down – Infographic


Social advertising is a market that didn’t exist a decade ago. With the emergence of several big shots in the social media marketplace a new industry was born. Social media platforms such as StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others have created powerful social advertising platforms. By 2017, social advertising is projected to create $11 billion in advertising revenue from $6.1 billion today.

Have a look at this infographic and see how this industry and its biggest players have developed over the past decade.

Source: Unified Social

Advertising: Get The Basics Or Refresh Your Memory – Infographic

advertising-101_51eed0f143779Advertising possibilities are growing. It is becoming more and more important to find the right strategy, words and ways to do it.

This infographic can serve as a bridge when you sit over your next campaign and look for ways and styles to do so.

Have a look and refresh your memory.

Source: Collaborative Lead

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Advertising: How They Try To Get You – Infographic



This infographic gives you facts about how much advertisers would spend just to get your attention.

Advertising is a science in itself. Companies and marketing firms invest money and resources to figure out how “to get you” to buy their stuff. Check out this link to some interesting advertising facts

Source: LaserTekServices

Digital Marketing And Advertising: Transformation Of The Medias – Infographic

This infographic shows the effects of a shifting digital demographic. Breaking down the numbers highlights just how trans-formative the digital marketing media disruptions have become, as new channels wage an all-out war for our attention. Continue reading