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Goldman rules the world. Another one suffering from loss of reality.

Watching this video and lsitening to this trader can really scare the hell out of people. He claims Goldman Sachs rules the world and traders give a s… on politics and programs to rescue the economy. While he might be right with certain statements, he goes too far with admiring himself and his friends.

This idiot is falling into the category “I am doing God’s work” and “Fabulous Fab is the only one who sees it”. Most important, he completely lost his sense of reality. With his statement, he didn’t do his industry a favor.

His, and the other “financial experts'” comments and actions will only lead to more regulation, as it already happnes, in order to prevent more damage to happen. He is right that certain organizations work against governement programs in order to keep the profits up, but it won’t last forever. This guy and the rest of the “cuckoo nest” will make a lot of money on all of us, but eventually they will shut themselves down.