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Personal Finance: Managing Your Biggest Asset, Your Home – Infographic



For many people their home is their biggest asset. With that fact in place, it is important to maintain and grow your asset.

This infographic will help you learn the five key financial metrics and associated tips to managing your home finances.

Source: HomeZada

The Importance of Managing Online Assets – Infographic

It’s important to manage your online assets – there’s a lot of them, they’re worth a lot of money to you, it can be dangerous to leave them around, and it’s not hard to do! Continue reading

Business Assets: Trademark vs. Copyright – Infographic

Sometimes, the most important assets in a company are its symbols, slogans, and logos. In order for businesses to protect these important assets, they need to secure trademarks for their creative content. Learn more about the trademark registration process by reading through this infographic! Continue reading


Google’s Asset Galaxy, Acquisitions From 2001– 2012 – Infographic

A visual guide to Google’s purchases over the years. ( 2001 – 2012 ) In this visual. I scaled the amount spent to planet sized spheres. You can see from the entire galaxy representation that Motorala was mammoth size purchase compared to everything else.

Source: visual.ly, hoodmetrics