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Can You Beat A Goldfish? – Why Video Is So Important In Capturing Attention

The internet is a crowded space and it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture and hold a user’s attention. Our attention spans for online content are getting shorter too. A recent study has found that videos are 100% more powerful in capturing a user’s attention.

Essentials Of Press Releases: Dos And Don’ts – Infographic

Drafting a well-written and attention-grabbing press release doesn’t require a Public Relations degree. However, finding concrete news worth touting and learning the ins and outs of press release etiquette is essential for showing off your credibility and attracting the attention of busy journalists. Continue reading

Content Marketing: People And Their Attention Span – Infographic

Over the past 13 years, the average attention span of a human being has dropped from 12 to 8 seconds. A drop of 4 seconds may not sound like a lot, but when the success of your content depends on grabbing the attention of your readers straight away, without fail, it could seem like a lifetime. Continue reading

Do People Pay Attention To Your Advertising?

Video whitepaper (ala Wild Kingdom) of the YuMe and IPG Media Lab study of video advertising attention levels on TV vs. Online. – Source: YuMe