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Facebook Advertising: Benchmarks For Automotive Industry – Infographic



Facebook has emerged as a critical channel for smart social marketers who want to reach auto purchasers at every stage of the marketing funnel. Read on to learn information that drives auto success on Facebook.

Source: Unified


Unlike General Motors, many automotive brands have been supportive of marketing via Facebook, and it shows. New statistics from social benchmarking platform Unmetric show that Audi and Mercedes-Benz USA have been two of the most effective automotive companies on Facebook, … Continue reading

Automotive And Social Media Marketing – Infographic

The infographic is a year old and therefore does not include the most recent flops. Success was measured in impressions, likes and hits on the page, while the ways how to deal with the audience was already known.

This infographic analyzes the attempts by major car companies to use social media outlets as a way to market their vehicles, and includes some tips for things to takeaway from these stories of success and failure.

Source: Visual.ly



The Rise Of The 3DPrinting Revolution, Objects On Demand – Infographic

Design a pair of shoes on your computer, hit “Print,” and wear them an hour later. If that kind of technology doesn’t blow your mind, you’re dead to me.

The cost of 3D printing technology is finally within the grasp of consumers, and many believe it’s poised to revolutionize commerce. Companies are rushing to get out in front of this new custom marketplace, offering 3D-printed fashion, furniture and even food.

But how does this technology work? What kind of materials does it utilize? And how fast is this industry growing? The folks at HighTable.com have created the visual explanation below. Regrettably, this infographic will only print in 2D — unless you fold it into some sort of origami swan. But that one’s on you.

Source: Mashable.com, high table