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The Modern Marketer In Business: Wearing Many Hats – Infographic

The marketing profession is changing. The Mad Men-style era of marketing, which prized creativity above all, has evolved as technology provides new opportunities to track performance and create data-driven marketing campaigns. While many view this shift from creativity to data as a battle between two distinct and separate ideologies, the truth is that marketers can’t afford to pick sides. Continue reading

Balance Between Work And Life: Time Off – Infographic

How would you like to work somewhere with unlimited vacation days? For most people, that answer is a resounding, “Yes!” If you’re a job seeker, the number of days a company allots its employees can make-or-break your decision to take the job if hired or cause you to look elsewhere if your company lacks sufficient time off. However, employees can’t always find time to take off work, even though we know that a break in the form of a vacation is good for our stress levels.

A recent study conducted by Harris Interactive for Ask.com shows just how important abundant vacation time is to workers, even if they’re not using it: More than a third of people surveyed said unlimited paid time off would encourage them to take or keep a job (34%). Although only 38% of workers surveyed actually take all their paid time off (PTO) days.

Some employees look at paid vacation policies like additional savings in their pocket because they can cash-in those days when they leave the company. However, unlimited PTO has its pluses and minuses. It sounds amazing, but employees say it’s hard to find time to take off. And especially in small teams, employees feel guilty leaving their coworkers with an increased workload when leaving. Employers who support unlimited PTO say it makes their employees feel like adults and requires workers who are the self-managing types.

But whether you support unlimited vacations or not, actually taking time off from work has been shown to decrease stress and increase your happiness, at least temporarily.

Check out this infographic about work-life balance and tell us: How many PTO days will you have taken by the end of this year?

Source: Mashable.com

Finding The Productivity Sweet Spot – Infographic

Everyone wastes a bit of time at work, and some of the key sources may surprise you. It’s not just the internet that can cost employers time at work. Read our infographic on time wasting at work to understand if fantasy football or facebook causes us to procrastinate more.
There is an ideal balance of non-work activity that keeps people refeshed and employees engaged. It’s just unrealistic to expect 100% efficiency through the day. Distractions at work existed before the Internet. The key for companies is to manage these time wasters at work to an ideal level.

Source: NICE