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Project Management: Get The Basics And Avoid Common Pitfalls – Infographic



Running projects has driven people off the cliff. People, deadlines, stakeholders and other critical parts of projects have to fit together to make it work and deliver results.

Have a look at this infographic for basics to watch for when you run your next project.

Source: Visual.ly

Advertising: Get The Basics Or Refresh Your Memory – Infographic

advertising-101_51eed0f143779Advertising possibilities are growing. It is becoming more and more important to find the right strategy, words and ways to do it.

This infographic can serve as a bridge when you sit over your next campaign and look for ways and styles to do so.

Have a look and refresh your memory.

Source: Collaborative Lead

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Tips On How To Use Twitter – Infographic

Updated Infographic from Cheryl Lawson about tips for using Twitter.  This version has updated tips and a couple of case studies. 1. What happens when a customer Tweets something bad, and 2. how not to piss people off with your Tweets. Continue reading

Basics To Enter The Social Media World: The Banking Industry, And Other Larger Organizations, In Social Media

The banking industry and other organizations in social media from Jesse Torres, PanAmerican Bank. Continue reading