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Content Style: Your Blog Could Be Beer – Infographic

Imagine for a second that your blog fit into a pint glass. What would it “taste” like? Would it have serious content, podcasts, and long form posts? Or would it be just for fun? The truth is, there are all sorts of blogs out there, just as there are plenty of varieties of beer… Continue reading


Personal Finance, Retirement And Roth IRA Explained In Beer – Infographic

Yes, sometimes the topic of personal finance is a bit dry. But personal finance explained in beer? Now we’re talking.

If you were to put a buck a day away into a Roth IRA, for example, you’d have enough to buy 2 million ounces of beer by the time you retire. In fact, you’d have enough money to drink more than a six-pack a day for the rest of your life, at least according to this infographic below.

Of course putting away that much booze every day would probably affect your lifespan.

Source: RothIRA.com, Mashable.com, coolinfographics.com


Maxim Magazine – Beer made for me!

Weihenstephaner Vitus
Buzz Of The Day
Maxim Staff

Brand: Weihenstephaner Vitus

Why You Want It: In 2011, Weihenstephaner Vitus won World’s Best Beer in the World Beer Awards. So what else do you need to know? It has floral and citrus notes, and tastes curiously (and deliciously) of banana! Weihenstephaner, or just Yummy Stephaner as we like to call it, is creamy, warm, and full of traditional German goodness! Köstlich! (Look it up.)

Beer made for me!

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